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mark211Best advice for writing you ever heard?2017-01-22 11:07:21
mark211Does what it says on the tin - what is some good advice for helping you to write?2017-01-22 11:07:53
r.tornelloDon't quit your day job.2017-01-22 15:22:04
mark211Heh : D2017-01-23 12:43:16
mark211Of course, that was advice J.K. Rowling didn't heed ...2017-01-23 12:43:40
rtyes she did, and starved a bit too, until her book was picked up. 2017-01-23 13:05:21
meghashriDon't give up!2017-01-23 17:35:06
rtjust for a different subject, re Kelly Ann Conway and alternative facts, take a look at KOOKBANELLI. 2017-01-24 10:17:47
GordonRowlinsonOff topic: Several weeks ago we were discussing trends for the next few years. Several people speculated that there would be an uptick in novels and movies with opprssive authoritarian governments. I read yesterday that sales of the famous Orwell novel have spiked. Perhaps soon writing on these boards will be a toughtcrime.2017-01-25 02:51:22
rtHave to destroy the 1st Amendment to do that, unless some smart ass attempts to use the old Sedition Act as a catch all.2017-01-25 05:37:38
RTTECHNICAL SINGULARITY also deals with that subject too.2017-01-25 05:38:41
Wesson (ParabellumPress)Might as well lock and load on this one, got nothing to lose. I'm tempted to use the term 'fake news' but for now I'll settle for 'inconsequential news', sales of 1984 also rose on its 60th anniversary in June 2013 (over 100 percent on Amazon). I wonder who was president then? The only people buying 1984 now are clueless intellectuals who can't handle the fact that they've been rejected. They'll continue to tell half-baked stories about oppression in the age of Trump but they'll only appeal to a fraction of the population. Because, dare I say, it looks like the people in my country are finally fed up with their twaddle.2017-01-25 07:48:39
Wesson (ParabellumPress)Mis-type: sales of the centennial edition rose in 2013. 2017-01-25 08:05:13
GordonRowlinsonAmazon reported that 1984 was in the top 5 as of midday Tuesday. That seems quite a bit. A lot of people seemed to be relating to the idea of an oppressive authoritarian govt. The majority of the country is turning against Trump. I for one don't think he will react well. I don't have a warm fuzzy feeling about it all. 2017-01-25 10:20:30
Wesson (ParabellumPress)The sales figures say a lot of people related to the idea of an oppressive authoritarian government in 2013 as well. The conclusion we should be drawing is that it doesn't matter who's in power, someone will always scream "Oppression!" Let's not pretend this current trend in 1984 sales is anything profound. The only difference this time around is that the ones doing the screaming are elites with easy access to the public. 2017-01-25 10:48:27
r.tornelloLICOTUS needs to turn around a look at the chair he is sitting in. Take his thumb out of his mouth and act presidential, not kindergartenish. What a f**king baby.2017-01-25 11:17:32
r.tornello@Wesson, no this time I believe you're totally wrong. This guy has no clue about the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, or the Military. He's born rich, spoiled rich and expects people to do his bidding as any business dictator would.

If you fact Check his words, he flat out lies as do the people around him. As far as drainingg the swamp, he just brought in the Wall Street swamp pythons (he was so toatlly against) to the so called swamp and they are worse.


2017-01-25 12:34:20
r.tornellospell check: draining, totally. oops2017-01-25 13:00:30
rtHe is a master showman and con artist. So while his tweets have the masses chasing their tails in angst, he and uncle Mike (the new Chaney) and uncle Paul, are busy dismantling the government. And in so doing are possibly forcing unfunded mandates upon the states. That means either the states have to increase taxes to fund the NEEDED services or the population of the poorer states especially, (many of the "Red" states) suffer medical and educational deprivation. And, if consider it,educational vouchers are another form of educational segregation 2017-01-26 06:15:14
Wesson (ParabellumPress)Iíd like to take a moment to reassure any non-American readers that thereís no need to be alarmed, arguing with each other is a beloved pastime here in the colonies. Second, I thought George W. was the Liar-in-Chief? 2017-01-26 07:21:52
r.tornello@ Wesson Agreed re argument.. Well swell on the 2nd point; now we have 2. The first caused the Mideast chaos political vacuum that exists today along with countless deaths. This LICOTUS may cause the demise of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; not necessarily through a convention but ignorance and political passivity of the Republican Red Party (RRP sort of like the CCP with Democratic Centralism). 2017-01-26 08:16:47
Wesson (ParabellumPress)Okay, so Trump and W are liars and Iíve got a hunch Reagan was a lair too. Itís all very partisan but it helps illustrate my point. I jumped into this because of what Gordon said about this supposed renewed interest in 1984 stories. 2017-01-26 21:34:31
Wesson (ParabellumPress)Now for the speech. Every time a Republican takes office the elites act like itís the end of the world. Then they crank out crazy apocalypse stories to placate their idiotic delusions. Got news for you, there are plenty of people who rightly associate liberal collectivism with tyranny as well. Why donít we have stories about them? Last time we saw one was in 1938: Ayn Randís novella Anthem (which is superior to 1984 in my opinion). Real dystopia is created when citizens lose their individualism and sense of self-interest, they become a homogeneous ĎWeí. These Anonymous Trump protestors who wear masks that make them look like everyone else, these SJWís who sacrifice their individuality to join an ethnic / religious / gender collective, THEY are the true enemies of freedom. They are the ones we must unite against. On a personal note, these kinds of discussions are the reason I write stories: because I can see the danger that others overlook. 2017-01-26 21:36:40
RT@Wesson, maybe you do and then again maybe you're the paranoid one. It would guess that it all depends upon your outlook on history, the role of ultranationalistic political parties and the stated platform of the current RED Political party.2017-01-27 05:20:29
IronspiderI'm staying out of this one - I didn't vote for Theresa May, so won't comment on the suitability of those in charge. With regards advice on writing, but slightly oblique - I had an English teacher who, when I asked him what a particular word meant, pointed me at a dictionary and told me to look it up. I've been doing that ever since. You don't have to know big words in order to read and write, but a love of the language does come in handy.2017-01-27 07:38:59
RTOED love it. Have it on a disc but I love the hardbound better. I run across other words and sometimes get lost. Fun!!!2017-01-27 08:38:05
GordonRowlinsonI look at it this way...I don't believe in everything the Democrat party proposes. However I believe in majority rules. In the last election, the Democrats received more votes than the Republicans in the race for the House and the race for the Senate and the race for the Whitehouse. The Republicans still hold the House due to their illegal gerrymandering. The Republicans hold the Senate due to the Constitution giving two Senators for each state no matter what the size of the state. (I can't complain about that. It's the Constitution.) The Republicans hold the Whitehouse due to: foriegn influence from Putin who wanted Trump; influence from the director of the FBI; and the use of the crooked Diebold voting machines in Ohio and Florida. Now the minority party is acting like they have a mandate and pushing extremist policies that most disagree with. Good luck. Only twice in American history have people protested in the streets immediately after an election--Lincoln before the Civil War and Trump. Unfortunately I don't think the frustrated mobs in the streets will stay non-violent. As for 1984, the arts are a reflection of our society. There will be more similar-themed novels and movies in the future.2017-01-27 13:07:03
RT@ Gordon, Agreed! The owner of Diebold promised Ohio to Bush in the past. It was in the NY Times and other papers. There is No paper trail, and No access to the source code. 2017-01-27 15:56:37
Wesson (ParabellumPress)Gordon, the 'arts' are controlled by people who share your opinion. They also control Hollywood, the media, the music industry and academia. These things, collectively, are the Big Brother Orwell warned us of. 2017-01-27 20:57:01
r.tornello"THE Big ARTs" as in making it whether today or in Italy in the 15th Century was patron based. Bach wrote for the church, Da Vinci for a number of powerful people. It's no different now then then only world wide. But Gordon, to disagree on a point, the Arts are no just controlled by those who share his opinion. The Chinese leadership appreciates and consumes art. they fundamentally disagree with say The Museum of Natural History or MOMA or Bill Gates. But the one thing they have in common is $$.

The music industry is just that, an industry and controlled by the big houses. The little artist, you me, and the others we do it for a number of reasons, some of us hoping to get to be on the apex of that gilded group.

Is it Big Brother? To the point that they (BB) dictate the taste and flavor especially on commercially based forums, yes. But The arts are greater than that because the artist (writer, musician et all,) can in today's technical environment project his or her art beyond the control of the giants. An example is Street Art (political and social murals abound),or www.Deviant Art where anyone can post both good and trashy. RT

2017-01-28 05:52:39
Wesson (ParabellumPress)Speak of the devil, Deviant Art is my biggest hang-out right now. It's the only place I can post serious fiction right next to my drawings of large breasted women and traps. Okay, I'll shut up now. 2017-01-28 10:16:32

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