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mark211Utopia?2017-02-19 13:22:36
mark211Thanks, as always, for everyone's contributions. Speaking of which, in last week's discussion QM's Michele mentioned a story she had written featuring a man named Jonathan who loves his wife and who "[o]ver the course of 5000 years ... becomes a computer program an android a holograph and finally a human again...and is only content when he is reunited with his wife." And just today I have been the Royal Academy of Arts in London to see their exhibition "Revolution: Russian Art 19171932". 2017-02-19 13:26:55
mark211Each of those things - Jonathan being reunited with his wife; the Russian Revolution - are utopian (although obviously the latter resulted in total and utter disaster!) and as Utopias of one sort or another are a staple in Science Fiction especially, I wondered what your idea of a Utopia would be? What about ideal societies you have read in fiction? Or those you have written about yourself? Let us know below ...2017-02-19 13:30:26
IronspiderI have a copy of Thomas Moore's 'Utopia' on my reading shelf... I liked Iain Bank's Culture and considered that a Utopian setting - or it would have been had all the races present just accepted it! For myself, I have numerous drafted plots revolving around a far-future setting I refer to as 'The Technocracy', which to the scientists behind it is their version of Utopia. However, not everyone caught within it sees it the same way, hence the various plotlines. As Hawkwind sang "We don't know what to do, For we don't like it here, There's nothing for us to fear, Bored mindless in Utopia"...2017-02-20 00:44:34
mark211I read Moore's 'Utopia' ages ago and found it hideous - I may be misremembering this, but I'm sure someone told me once that it was intended to be understood as being faintly ridiculous even back then. I don't know Banks' 'Culture' but your mention of that reminded me of J. G. Ballard and a novel like 'SuperCannes' - wealthy and healthy people living in perfectly tended gated communities continually falling ill with colds and other minor ailments until a psychiatrist realises that what these people need is a bit of violence and danger in their lives to make them feel alive. Part of the 'Utopia' of the gated community comes to involve being part of a vigilante gang. Pretty wild stuff. Very Ballard of course.2017-02-20 12:52:13
mark211I genuinely think my own Utopia would just be one in which it was possible to explore the universe in the way characters often do in Sci-Fi novels. I am mesmerised by the idea of walking the hills and dales of some far distant but Earth like moon or planet. I think something about the vastness and the sense of emptiness (in terms of human populations that is, not other flora and fauna) would be kind of wonderful - especially if there were access to a nice warm space cruiser you could take shelter at if you needed to. Basically, the kind of worlds that Jack Vance outlines in his Demon Princes or Cadwalder series - but without the psychos, assassins, etc. etc. 2017-02-20 12:58:37
Wesson (TheParabellumPress)One of my favorite quotes of all time is: "What has always made the state Hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven." The world will become a better place when people stop trying to make it a better place and focus on their own lives instead. In this age of moral outrage and so-called social justice warriors trying to 'fix' everyone, I'm afraid we're father away from Utopia than we've ever been.2017-02-21 10:56:04
GordonRowlinsonMy favorite Utopia-like story is The Lost Horizon. I never read the novel, but I recommend the movie. People fleeing from a war, crash land in the mountains of Tibet and find Shangra-La. It is a community where there is peace, people live for hundreds of years and people spend thier days studying and learning. I once wrote a time travel story where a future city was utopian. It was a brief part of the story because if things are perfect, where is the plot?2017-02-21 11:37:07
r.tornello@ Wesson, agree100%2017-02-23 09:54:04
r.tornelloBesides do-gooders I would add to the equation fanatics of all shapes and sizes. Not everybody wants sex,wine, rock and roll, and a complete understanding of Quantum Gravity. 2017-02-23 09:57:33

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