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mark211The Harry Potter effect?2017-02-26 02:44:45
mark211Thanks, as always, for everyone's contributions - and I'm not just being polite there. I can't speak for anyone else, but in almost everyone of these threads I get to hear about a work of fiction or film I'd not come across before (I'm still grateful to the person who recommended Harry Turtledove to me for instance - excellent SFF writer there). I hope it's the same for others here too.2017-02-26 02:48:06
mark211OK, so then: the "Harry Potter" effect. I have to confess that although I've seen all the movies, I've only ever read the first few chapters of the first novel and even then I only did that in Spanish (it's "Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal" if you're curious) to try and improve my reading in the language. So what do I mean?2017-02-26 02:51:10
mark211Well, by the "Harry Potter" effect, I just mean the way in which that whole generation (or perhaps two?) of children who grew up reading Rowling's Potter series have, as adults, had an influence on Science, Speculative, Gothic and Fantasy fiction. There are other works that have also had a big influence - the 'Twilight' series for one and 'The Hunger Games' for another - but I'm assuming that neither of those would have had quite the purchase they had if it hadn't been for the Harry Potter phenomena.2017-02-26 02:57:42
mark211To give you an example, I recently read "The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet" by Becky Chambers and regardless of whatever else I thought of this book, and despite all the obvious differences, I couldn't help but feel it had the stamp of Harry Potter all over it. For instance, lavish attention is paid to what the protagonists eat and how much they enjoy it. The characters are also proxies - sometimes rather obvious ones it seemed to me - for events in our own world and at times I felt this use of the story as a vehicle to make social and political commentary rather intrusive. It's not that I took issue with the content of the commentary so much as I felt turned off by its lack of subtlety and its obviousness. As I say, I haven't read the Potter books, but I understand the later books in that series do in fact do something similar to pass comment on class, education, and other social issues.2017-02-26 03:03:48
mark211So what do you think? Has there been a Harry Potter effect on other SFF? Does it matter? Do you care? Or if not Harry Potter, do you think there are other series (such as 'The Hunger Games') that have had a much bigger impact? Let us know below.2017-02-26 03:05:06
rtIt gets people to read and ponder. That's good. Me, personally, am not into series type stories. The formula gets boring rather quickly. I'm mentioned it before it's too much like the old Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. Tom Clancey does it as do many others. It's a meal ticket, with a bunch of work no doubt, but still a formula based meal ticket.

You want to purchase it? More power to them.

2017-02-27 05:00:02
meghashriI'd say that these series get people interested in the genre, make them think about future, and what impact technology / science has on the future. 2017-03-04 06:06:59

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