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mark211Best SFF Graphic Novels?2017-05-01 10:34:15
mark211Probably for very good reason, we don't often refer to or discuss graphic novels here - but then we *do* quite often talk about movies and TV, so why not graphic novels? There is actually a long tradition of good SFF comics out there - especially from outside the US. For instance, there is Judge Dredd, The Ballad of Halo Jones and Slaine (all from the 2000AD stable) in the UK, and from France there is Jodorowsky and Moebius's hypnotic science fantasy series, 'The Incal'. 2017-05-01 10:37:38
mark211So people, what do we think? Are you interested in any SFF graphic novels? Which are the best in your opinion? Why? What do they have to say to writers of SFF?2017-05-01 10:38:59
micheledutcherDon't shoot me, mark211: Send humorous scifi, fantasy stories to qmsupport@gmail.com to enter contest for cash prizes - $100, $50, $25. Thanks, Michele Dutcher2017-05-01 11:43:01
micheledutcherThis is silly, but, I recently started buying and enjoying Lucifer comics because I watch the series on TV. I wish the TV series was more like the comics because the printed Lucifer series is so much edgier. I'd like to see Tom Ellis play the role more like the Lucifer in the comic and less silly. I think the Ruler of the Underworld could be a great character. I also like Constantine. But I don't read a lot of comics.2017-05-01 11:47:08
IronspiderIn the past I've devoured a great deal of sci-fi based manga and graphic novels, from Shirow's Appleseed to Talbot's Luther Arkwright. I've recently enjoyed revisiting the Valérian and Laureline books by Christin and Mézières. As to what is the best? I still re-read the original Ghost in the Shell manga and (despite a lacklustre live-action film) would consider it one of the best.2017-05-02 07:09:04
r.tornelloI work so many freeking hours that I don't get out enough and circulate in places where these things exist. Someone get me some links, but not dumb stuff, there's enough real dumb stuff locally in downtown DC.2017-05-05 08:55:59

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