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tgoyetteWho do you want to be?2012-11-05 05:40:14
tgoyetteWhich fictional character would you most want to be? We tend to gravitate to heroes (Luke) and sometimes scoundrels (Han). There are some really cool villains that it might be fun to be, until the end (Darth Vader). However, of the Star Wars movies Iíd rather be Obewan. This isnít about Star Wars, that was just a convenient example. 2012-11-05 05:47:44
micheledutcherAn interesting fictional character to me is Dr. Susan Calvin - the psychologist in Asimov's robot series. It would be intersting to see what is basically a new religion instituted - the 3 laws of robotics. As with any ology, things can get messy when the rules are actually put into practice. Being there, on the very cusp of a new lifeform, would be fascinating. 2012-11-06 06:48:37
mark211Sherlock Holmes (not really Science Fiction but, still), or failing that Data (which is SF but on TV), though Arthur Dent is probably more realistic(!).2012-11-10 03:19:22
micheledutchermark211 says he would likely be Arthur Dent - while I would likely be the Robot in Hitchhiker's guide who stands there faithfully guarding the spaceship until the end of the galaxy - complaining the entire time to absolutely noone. I hate to wait on other people so much that I figure I must have waited for thousands of years in some previous lifetime. 2012-11-10 06:34:39
mark211Aha, a sudden insight into the bus-waiting scenes in 'Oz'2012-11-11 04:57:50

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