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mark211Do you keep a writer's notebook? 2017-06-18 03:11:08
mark211I recently went to an art exhibition of undergraduate BA Illustration students at the local university and was highly impressed by the standard of their work. But there was something else about the exhibition that caught my eye - under every display, the students had provided a box of sketchbooks, folders and files. When I picked them up, I discovered the most wonderful examples of notebooks - they contained not just drawings but photos, magazine clippings, relevant texts printed from Internet blogs and scientific reports and etc. etc. etc. In many ways, these were even more impressive than the works on display.2017-06-18 03:14:17
mark211So, do you keep a writer's notebook? In the days of One Note and other online note-making and note-storage apps, your notebook doesn't need to be physical of course. But do you have one? Is it paper or electronic? What kind of things do you keep in it? Do you carry it with you everywhere or is it something you only make notes on occasionally at the end of the day before going to bed? Let us know below.2017-06-18 03:16:11
IronspiderApart from old stories I'm revisiting, almost all of my current work starts in a notebook. I buy small pocket-size notebooks to work in - I like things to be portable. Those I favour have an interior pocket at the back and are held closed by an integral elastic band. Both of these make adding extra scraps of paper, hand-drawn maps or photocopied information really easy. I only write on the facing page, keeping the opposite page free for extra, inserted text, vague notes or links to important plot points. Once a story is fully drafted in the notebook, I perform a basic edit, then type the whole lot into my computer. More serious editing follows. I carry with me the notebooks of those stories I'm working on. That's usually two or three. If I'm trying to focus on a specific narrative, I only carry that one notebook. May sound clumsy in the modern, gadget-filled world, but it works for me.2017-06-18 12:41:18
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GordonRowlinsonI don't use a notebook. However after reading the above, maybe it's a good idea. 2017-06-19 03:01:31
r.tornelloI do, and keep one by the bed, in the car in the truck and almost everywhere I go. Sometime I sketch a particular thing as a visual reminder. I don't keep notes in the computer.2017-06-19 07:05:52
TetchedistressI have and keep a writers notebook. I never know when an idea is going to hit. I use traveler's notebooks for mine. I do most of my writing on an iPad.2017-06-21 21:12:29
micheledutcherWhat a great idea! In this era when people do a wiki search and pour other people's research into their own plots, showing your work is a great way to explore where your story came from. I saw this in an artbook recently where the photographer shared his restaurant receipts mileage from one city to the next. It is like scrap-booking I guess. And documenting the birth of an idea. 2017-06-23 09:31:08
daveI use the note utility on my old iPhone. I should use it more often I reckon but I already have a lot of raw data that has accumulated over the course of a year. Also, I find it helps not to look back at notes until they are plentiful as they present a surprisingly fresh corpus of disconnected thoughts and observations that may offer, in their unanticipated linkage, poetic guidance for either a new story or else an existing one. 2017-06-24 09:10:10
micheledutcherHey Mark 211 - why didn't you write Chapter 2 for The Silence? We've been waiting to see the ending before we publish. What up? Michele Dutcher2017-06-25 11:54:57
Ironspider@dave - I find one of the joys of keeping notebooks is going back over unfinished projects some while later, and suddenly seeing new possibilities within a setting or storyline. I did use a PDA for a while, but then the synchronisation went wrong and I lost almost a months work - my fault for not backing-up sooner. I switched back to physical notebooks and a pencil as there's less to go wrong!2017-06-25 23:14:54
Michael BI try to remember to take a notebook with me when out. Sometimes that great idea for a story or part of one does not make it home unless it is written down.2017-06-26 13:53:56
dave@Ironspider it's a concern for me too! I find it helps to email my notes - especially chunks of stories written when out and about - to myself for safekeeping. Certainly puts my mind at rest :) 2017-06-26 13:58:46
Modelling_MushiNo notebook as such but I have a small set of drawers inside which are the scraps of paper, serviettes, paper and envelopes on which my stories start. Everything I write starts out on paper with an old fountain pen. Nothing sees the screen until written out longhand. It works for me and, more importantly, it works anytime.2017-06-27 03:39:36
SixbearsI keep actual physical notebooks. This is a new thing for me as I always kept notes electronically. However, I've destroyed to many electronic devices in recent years to trust them. My paper notebooks even survived a shipwreck. They were carefully dried out and no information was lost. Often I keep a notebook in my shirt pocket where I used to keep my cell phone. As a writer it's a handier tool.2017-06-28 07:37:38
r.tornello@ sixbears, YEP!!!!2017-06-28 08:36:00
GordonRowlinsonMore important than notes are final versions of stories. I've learned the hard way that keeping stories on a hard drive is a bad idea. When the PC inevitably crashes, you lose stuff forever. I try to keep two electronic copies of stories and sometimes a printed copy.2017-06-28 09:28:52
r.tornello@ Gordon, and even if you have it backed up on a separate HD, I'm guessing that you have to have the same OS on another system to reload it. XP to XP, 7 to 7 and 3.1.1 to 3.1.1. And I'm not sure the home versions will work with professional versions. Purchase 2 computers one to work with and one to be able to pull out of mothballs in order to maintain.

I send copies to all my computers as well as keep a hard copy.

2017-06-28 13:49:27
QbabeI am using a binder to stuff in sketches and clippings and written out ideas for my embroidery and ceramics. It is helping me to improve the quality of my work. 2017-07-30 17:12:15
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