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mark211Best genre cross-overs?2017-08-06 08:05:06
mark211Yesterday I started re-reading Jack Vance's 1987 novel 'Araminta Station' - the first in his 'Cadwal Chronicles' trilogy. It's very enjoyable despite knowing what is coming up round next - in fact, in many ways it's even more enjoyable because I am noticing more clearly just how skillfully Vance laid the seeds of certain key turning points in the novel (and the series for that matter) from very early on in the story. But anyway, reading this again got me to thinking about Sci-Fi cross-overs in terms of genre. 2017-08-06 08:10:56
mark211'Araminta Station' is set in a SF universe but is also clearly a blend of detective/crime novel and political thriller. There are fair chunks of the novel that in many ways could have been set in contemporary Los Angeles quote easily - in fact, a Hollywood film maker looking for a good plot for a crime thriller could do a lot worse than just lift the detective element out of 'Araminta Station' and set it in our world. 2017-08-06 08:15:31
mark211So basically my questions are - do you like this kind of 'cross-over' of genres in your SF or do you find it an annoyance? If you do like this kind of thing, which genre or genres do you think work best in conjunction with SF? Are there any that you think just don't work? For instance, I just now did a search for "Science Fiction + Romance" on Amazon and was a little surprised to find titles such as "Science Fiction Romance: Invasion of the Heart (Alien Space Sci-Fi Romance) (New Adult Paranormal Fantasy Short Stories)" and this "Brynjar - Drogon King - SciFi Alien Soul Mates Romance: Bonus:Dream Alien: Celestial Alien Mates (A Drogons Fate Series Book 4)" - both come with covers showing rippling six-pack torsos FYI. I'm not a prude and people can like what they like ... but is it really SF? Or just a bodice ripping bonkbuster in space? What do you think?2017-08-06 08:23:05
Dave The Araminta Station example provides a useful starting point for analysis of the transferability of other detective sci-fi. The obvious example being Do Androids Dream...? In that instance Deckard's investigative remit couldn't be lifted from its dystopian context to produce a contemporary detective story. Unless replicants already exist, that is... I don't want to get all deconstructionist but I wonder if we could progress the discussion with a definition of what isn't classed as crossover? In other words, what is it that constitutes pure sci-fi?2017-08-06 09:23:27
mark211@Dave: "The obvious example being Do Androids Dream...?" Really, you think so? I mean, yes, he's a policeman (of sorts), but all that stuff about dialling up emotions and the weird dream of that prophet guy walking up the mountain ... But yes, I suppose it is.2017-08-07 09:10:05
mark211@Dave: "I wonder if we could progress the discussion with a definition of what isn't classed as crossover? In other words, what is it that constitutes pure sci-fi?" Absolutely - you first!2017-08-07 09:10:34
Dave By androids I meant that it couldn't be transferred in 'sci-fi' terms, and by 'sci-fi' terms I meant...sheesh! here goes - the general dystopian context? Too general I guess, seeing as it denotes a dysfunctional nowhere (explaining everything and nothing!). More specifically I fall back on the 'what-ifness' of currently nonexistent technology. Replicants, replicants, wherefore are they! Flying cars with designated lanes are possible today but that doesn't detract from the sci-fi-ishness of Ridley Scott's vision (talking Bladerunner now). 2017-08-08 06:30:00
DaveI mean 'couldn't be transferred in non-sci-fi terms' sorry2017-08-08 06:54:01
DaveI mean 'couldn't be transferred in non-sci-fi terms' sorry2017-08-08 11:21:19
DaveI mean 'couldn't be transferred in non-sci-fi terms' sorry2017-08-08 11:37:34
micheledutcherOne of the best crossover movies I've seen is Cowboys and Aliens. Obviously it is a Western/sci-fi. The fact that Harrison Ford (Han Solo) makes it even more sci-fi-ish. And the plot has a point: if there are UFOs they didn't just start coming to Earth with the Roswell crash. 2017-08-13 04:02:08
pettersonThere are plenty of genre-crossover books, films, and games out there, but to do the job well, you have to do more than just smoosh a couple of “in” concepts together, and hey presto, instant millions. The road to awesome is littered with the corpses of those who tried to merge two much-loved genres and ended up with aPhd Dissertation Writing Services 2017-10-31 01:47:03

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