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mark211Ideas for nanotech in Sci-Fi?2017-08-13 12:24:05
mark211Although over a year old now, the following incredibly video came to my attention this week via Twitter: a group of European scientists have succeeded in creating a a nanobot which can collect a healthy sperm and deliver it to the egg to ensure fertilisation - you can see the video of the so-called 'spermbot' here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isRaHszrPc42017-08-13 12:26:52
mark211So the question this week - what does this kind of technology mean for our future? What does it mean for SFF? How can it or has it been used in fiction? What kind of stories can be developed out of this, what kind of worlds, what kind of humans? Let us know your thoughts and musings below.2017-08-13 12:28:08
rtI have your zygote for ransom, pay up or we'll create a freak!2017-08-13 14:32:29
DaveI wrote a tale about nanotechnology which can be read here: https://dropisco.wordpress.com/2017/04/11/the-trained-eye/ What it can and can't do in the story is left to the reader to decide as the possibilities seem potentially infinite. This is as much a metaphysical piece as it is a detective/gothic/sci-fi story (this reminds me of last week's crossover post)2017-08-15 08:05:43
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