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mark211How important is 'Boob physics'?2017-09-03 09:28:44
mark211Hello again and please excuse my transparent attempt at click-bait by referring to boobs in the title this week. But now - and in the best tradition of those awful headlines that say things like "She had no idea why the crowd was cheering", "This eight year-old just perfectly summed up Trump's presidency", and "A teenage girl from Wisconsin just *destroyed* a prominent Pro-lifer" etc. etc. - I'd like to explain that there is a point to the question. Which is ... 2017-09-03 09:33:59
mark211... we are in the business of writing Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Given that that is the case, it means we obviously have to deal with things that either aren't real or are as good as not real for the time being e.g. an alien race of insectoid like beings that can talk with humans; dragons that breathe fire; humans that have developed telekinetic powers and so on. All of which raises the question of how 'real' does your fantasy need to be? By which I mean, how important is it for writers to think about, say, the limits of strength that a werewolf has and what it can do with that strength - such as obliterate solid oak doors or leap over 20 metre chasm's etc.? ('Boob physics', by the way, is a term from computer games and refers to the (in)ability of the animators to replicate a naturalistic motion of female avatars boobs - a feat involving calculations of mass, gravity, velocity and so on and applying it to the game world).2017-09-03 09:40:27
mark211So, as always, what are your thoughts on this? Is it OK for a writer to let their imaginations run riot or is it important to place limits on the range of that imagination for the sake of plausibility?2017-09-03 09:41:37
RTIf one is modeling the physical world that provides visual replication of say for the effect of DU ammunition on specific types of armor, well then it had best be perfect.

If for games and such, it's gotten to the point where the simulations are pretty damned close.

"And now to the question at hand, is it okay to let imaginations run wild, why not?" If one is writing fantastic stories, the laws of physics, of reality, are at that moment of reading or visual enjoyment, suspended.

2017-09-03 10:27:51
dandrew72I believe it should be the imperative of every writer to at least be willing to push the bounds of imagination when possible. (Not every story will need to venture to far from established norms.) The corollary to that is that we all must understand that once in a rare while, we'll stumble upon an idea that really works well and has lots of potential for growth (and potentially money for the writer) - but there will be many, many more times in which we don't quite end up with the story we thought we would. For every super great idea that emerges when we throw caution to the wind there will be something that simply isn't that good. When that happens the best approach is to treat those failures as learning experiences fo later on. One of the reasons Hollywood doesn't produce a lot of new material (let's face it, but for a handful of TV shows and movies, virtually every product they put out features the same old same old plot line and typecast characters) is that Hollywood lacks the courage to push those boundaries. So it is on us to help get them there and we do that by pushing the boundaries, turning people on to our craziest fiction, and in turn hoping Hollywood catches on. 2017-09-03 15:03:36
r.tornello@dandrew72, Hollywood is a business, not an art studio. And now you will be seeing some changes as the Chinese begin to assume control over some of the studios. It's just the way it is.

And yes as artists we make art but if you lifeline depend upon patronage, no different than the Romans, Greek, middle ages or for Da Vinci et al, then you play to your pay check.

2017-09-03 16:41:43
WessonToo bad we can't talk about boobs ...2017-09-04 19:05:49
IronspiderSaw 'boobs' and thought I'd better take a look... I'd suggest that if you're basing something in the 'real world', where adhering to established physical laws is a necessity, then yes, you need to rein-in the impossible and go with a more factual approach. However, even in a realistic setting, there's no reason you can't make up new laws of physics or push the boundaries of existing technology. Do we need to establish the physical laws that govern how broomsticks fly? Is a dragon's fiery breath the result of chemistry, biology or magic? With regards the werewolf strength example - I'd say it needs to be as strong as the plot requires. Provided you set a limit and stick to it - punches through an oak door but bounces-off a steel one - I don't see that the real limitations of physics apply. In a lot of zombie fiction the ambling cadavers only stop when you blow their heads off. A Glaser Safety round is basically a shotgun cartridge inside a hollow-point bullet. Applied to a human torso - even a walking dead one - it would cause so much structural damage that said zombie is unlikely to be much of a threat thereafter. But zombies that actually drop when hit by a single bullet aren't as horrifying as those that can shuffle through a barrage of shotgun/assault rifle/pistol fire. Perhaps more realistic, but not as dramatic.2017-09-05 04:51:05
RTBOOB PHYSICS = TRUMP's Scientific Understanding2017-09-05 09:35:58
GordonRowlinsonSomething that cracks me up is how easily we write about faster than light speed in SciFi. We get away with it because everybody assumes that light speed will be discovered someday. Everybody assumes a Zefran Cochran will go beyond normal physics and prove Enstein wrong. (If you know who Defray Cochran is you are a nerd.) The boob physics has been clearly established. I think if you are writing about boob physics and impossible stuff, keep it consistent. I tend to think a reader will accept the impossible if it is consistent. Anyway...that's my take. Good one RT 2017-09-06 09:37:06
r.tornelloA Haiku By RdotTornello© 2017 & The Village idiot Press

The snares of ignorance

lead to senseless agitation-

Early morning twittering bird.

2017-09-06 12:38:47
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