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mark211What music would you want on a Quantum Muse writer's playlist and why?2017-09-10 12:42:54
mark211Hello again all and hope I find you in fine fettle. Well, the question I'm suggesting for this week - which as it happens is the 140th I've put according to my calculations - needs little further explanation: what do you think the QM soundtrack should include? Do you have any favourite music to listen to you as you write, read or ponder the wonder of other words? Is there any music you think perfectly encapsulates the mood and/or content of a favourite story - either one of your own or one you have read and enjoyed? Do let us know below.2017-09-10 12:46:50
IronspiderAs a follower of progressive rock, I can usually find something to suit my reading mood: bombast of Dream Theatre through to the more mellow and psychedelic strains of Astra. I prefer instrumental when I'm reading or writing - don't get draw away from what I'm doing to sing along to whatever track is currently playing.2017-09-10 23:28:35
dandrew72I often find music an inspiration that helps start and sustain my writing process. On more than one occasion a song has inspired a story, and sometimes I try and place a reference to an artist or song into a story just to see if readers catch it. One of my goals is to someday produce a series of loosely related stories each based on songs by a particular musical group and ideally, the songs from a particular album by that group. As for what I listen to? I probably have the most diverse taste in music of anyone you'd ever encounter. I'm a big fan of rock and in particular the period 1965 to 1978. I'm a fan of early punk and rap although I don't care for latter versions of both. I've been known to tune in to jazz and for country my tastes trend toward the older stuff. I enjoy classical but will admit that i don't listen to it regularly and I couldn't tell the difference between Mozart and Beethoven. Once in a rare while I'll deliberately go for something really eclectic - west African pop music or trance EDM. In any case, music often is a terrific stimulus for writing. As for a QM soundtrack? I could list 100 songs with 100 more in reserve if needed. 2017-09-11 03:06:23
GordonRowlinsonThe Planets by Holst Starship Trooper and Universal Garden by Yes2017-09-11 10:14:02
Modelling_MushiRight now Electronica 1 & 2 by JM Jarre et al, Mozart's Requiem and the sound track to BladeRunner2017-09-12 02:57:06
GordonRowlinsonSpace Station #5 and Starliner by Montrose2017-09-12 16:13:03
IronspiderOut for an evening walk yesterday and have rediscovered the joys of Tangerine Dream...2017-09-15 05:14:12
micheledutcherGreat question! Songs that put me in a trippy mood are "Under the Milky Way Tonight" and "Rocket Man" and "Where Is My Mind" and "Creep"(I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doing here?) 2017-09-15 16:31:11
scribblerMiles Davis "Kind of Blue". Brilliant but subtle and but doesn't seem to interrupt the create process. A lot of jazz (John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme") comes to mind is just too busy and mindblowing. Northern Lights "Vanishing Borders" is an album of celtic inspired guitar, harp and hammered dulcimer instrumentals. Very beautiful and serene. Eluvium "Copa". If I need to drown out the world and sink into an ambient trance to keep my my on the fiction at hand, this is what's in my earbuds. 2017-09-16 19:02:18
micheledutcherForgot Beach's The Well Tempered Clavier...or it's updated version The Well Tempered Synthesizer. Listening to this precise music equalizes my brain bestowing harmony. 2017-09-17 11:12:27
Ironspider@scribbler: Spanish Key on Miles' Bitches Brew. Not that I could either read or write to any of the tunes on that particular album, but an enjoyable listen all the same.2017-09-17 23:36:39

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