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tgoyetteNew Doctor or old?2012-11-26 05:07:11
tgoyetteThere are a number of questions here, actually. There are things I like about the old series and the new. They did a lot with the limited special effects and budget of the old series. The new series is more polished. The writing is good from both time periods. However I'd give the node to new series because of the generally faster pace of story telling. What do you think?2012-11-26 05:10:30
mark211The two aren't easy to compare because the earlier ones feel rooted in theatre and so are televised plays with the odd bit of outdoor filming but the recent run (of Ecclestone / Tenant / Smith) are much more influenced by cinematic conventions. It's not just the budgets that are bigger but the plotting, storylines and dialogue have the faster pace of cinema (it reminds me of comparisons between the BBC 'I Claudius' from the 1970s and HBOs 'Rome'from the 2000s if you know those). Tom Baker (I think) had a lot more opportunity to give quite long monologues in extreme close up which let the actor do the telling more than the camera. I think I prefer the new Davis produced Doctors overall but it's a shame to lose some of those soliloquies from the studio shot earlier days. 2012-11-28 13:51:53
IronspiderTom Baker remains my favourite incarnation ("Jelly baby, anyone?") though I thought Christopher Ecclestone did put in a good performance - pity he only wanted to do the one series. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the more recent series, nor did I like Torchwood. I never visualised the Doctor as a superhero and his involvement was usually involuntary, at least at the beginning of an adventure.2012-11-30 04:55:51
mark211'Torchwood', at least the bits I saw of it, was bibble. 2012-11-30 14:23:56
VerseYou never forget your first doctor. Mine was Tom Baker. You can get him as your voice for your sat-nav device (at least, you can in the UK). All the new Doctors have been great but I think Tennant (10th) is still my favourite. Matt Smith had a tough act to follow but I think he's a close second. Of course, it's the writing team that make it happen. Davis and Moffat have a real passion for the Who-verse. 2012-12-01 02:07:11

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