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mark211Best robots/androids in SciFi?2017-10-08 13:28:52
mark211Hello all and thanks, as always, for your contributions. Perhaps to bring the temperature in here down a little, but also to reference the release of "Bladerunner 2049", what - in your view - are some of the best and most memorable representations of robots or androids in SciFi short stories, novels, movies or TV shows? What makes them memorable? Why do we seem to be so captivated by them? Let us know your thoughts below ...2017-10-08 13:38:40
rtI like the replicants (spelling??) They are human for all intents with limited life spans. And in the case of Blade Runner V1.0, have even more humanity than the humans.I'll see V2. at some time.

I own one of the 1st drawings for the studio movie poster done by John Alvin for Blade Runner (with notes and comments). This version had to be modified because the gun was pointed down at the audience (studio demanded it). I preferred this one for reasons I still can't quite fathom.

I haven't seen the art work for this version. Okay so I'm a bit off topic, shoot me!

2017-10-08 16:37:00
IronspiderRobby the Robot in Forbidden Planet. Forget all the C3D2PeeoBBS', he's still the best.2017-10-09 00:23:07
GordonRowlinsonI always liked Ash in the novel and movie Alien. It is a surprise when it is revealed that he is an android. It is also creepy because the Alien can and will eat the humans but probably won't eat the android.2017-10-09 02:09:59
r.tornelloThe best robots in SCIFI? How about VP PENCE followed by the US Congress, or are they puppets?2017-10-09 08:41:23
micheledutcherIt depends upon what you are looking for in an android perhaps. For suspenseful logic I'd say the robot in IRobot - lots of room for trying to figure out how to program a robot that won't kill us all. For my grandkids - Wall E. I saw it in the movie theater 20 times with different grandkids (I have 8) and 30 more times on DVD over the years. For heart rending sadness: A.I. The boy robot David (Haley Joel Osment) is the pentacle of the Pinocchio fable, waiting for some human to come back for him. For TMI - Silent Running (SPOILER) The men underneath the robot garb were paraplegics walking on their hands. Sad but kinda of inspirational as well. 2017-10-09 10:27:00
Sidewinder4Robbie in Forbidden Planet. Because: He is very machine like. Moving parts visible, emotion does not enter into his decisions. but even so he is wise enough to shut himself down rather than confront Morbius who is creating monstrosities using brain waves and alien technology. He made the leading lady's clothes as well. He was said to have been made from left over and discarded parts. He has relay switches that you see and hear work; 1950's cool. S42017-10-09 20:46:47
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rtRE AMA, Another F**ken Hack or for real?2017-10-10 06:21:13
Modelling_MushiRT, just broad based spam I'd say. 2017-10-11 01:25:09
Modelling_MushiAnyway, to topic in hand. ALways liked Marvin the Paranoid Android from the Douglas Adams book Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (and the BBC series was OK but forget the film, wasnt worth the electricity used to light the set. I enjoyed it because it was different and was used in an imaginative way to pass comment on a few human foibles. 2017-10-11 01:28:40
rtI did like both Marvins. I actually enjoyed #2. My wife and I use his lines when about the house doing drudge work. So I guess that's my choice. We don't go around quoting from I Robot.2017-10-11 05:57:57
mark211Robby the Robot ... Yup, I think you have it there. A friendly lumbering teddy bear of a 'droid that looks like a cross between the Michelin man and a Swiss carriage clock which can produce rye whiskey on command. Now *that's* a robot. Even Marvin, another great choice, doesn't beat out Robby for me. 2017-10-12 12:44:12
dandrew72When I was a kid (1970s) I was a sucker for The Bionic Man - not a true robot I know, but it was so cool when they'd take a panel off his arm and inside he was all wires and stuff. I've always been interested in the lesser droids in Star Wars - more because the taxonomy fascinates me (ie, if there is an R2D2 what is an R3dD?). I wonder, as robots become more prominent parts of day to day life, will that shape sci-fi?2017-10-12 15:48:02

less fiction more fact. I can see it becoming an official branch of philosophy requiring a good grounding in the sciences.

2017-10-13 06:48:58
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