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mark211Best weapons in SFF ever!?2017-11-05 01:23:32
mark211Thanks to everyone as always for contributing your thoughts and comments - so this week: best weapons in SFF ever!?2017-11-05 01:24:29
mark211What do I mean by this? Well, of course to some extent it does depend on the fictional universe in which the weapons appear, but in many SFF books warfare and conflict do appear and, much like our own world, when it does appear the better weapon often gives the edge to one side or the other. And the right weapon in the right story can certainly become a plot point all of its own - the search for a long lost sword that guarantees victory, for example. 2017-11-05 01:26:38
mark211So what do you think? What are impressive weapons in SFF? Or, alternatively, what could be an impressive weapon in SFF? Let us know below.2017-11-05 01:27:42
r.tornelloI'd like to join this one, but because job related reasons, I can't.2017-11-05 08:37:13
Modelling_MushiI can't remember her name, but the young girl in Serenity (the movie) was probably the best weapon in SciFi for me. She was the weapon, and a darned good one at that, and that lent an air of difference to it.2017-11-05 22:46:11
Guest017Babel-172017-11-06 04:28:52
IronspiderChambers Reaction pistol (in the Centauri Device by M. John Harrison).2017-11-06 23:44:24
Ironspider@Modelling_Mushi - River Tam, played by Summer Glau. Would agree with you there!2017-11-06 23:45:48
Modelling_MushiThanks @Ironspider, yes River Tam. Have to get my hands on the tv series one day ...2017-11-07 05:20:51
dandrew72I'm going to sound like well a ______ here but I still find the light saber interesting. I also like the idea of transposing weapons or technology among diverse settings (ie, give Bilbo Baggins a ray gun). As a side note, the art currently posted on the homepage is REALLY good and has me thinking. 2017-11-08 16:12:56
micheledutcherThe light saber has a lot of good points - mostly the fact that it can only be used by its owner. I like it that the owner and weapon need to become one force in order for it to work. It is not a multiple kill device, Rather it is a one-on-one weapon. Of course people as weapons are the most efficient killers, as we've seen with suicide bombers who blow themselves up too so they can't be questioned.2017-11-09 10:37:58
dandrew72I await Hollywood's treatment of the autonomous car as a weapon. I don't await it in eager anticipation unfortunately as I'm sure Hollywood will render the idea as one more cookie cutter storyline in their preset genres. On another note spears, slings, bow and arrows, etc can make great weapons in sci-fi provided they aren't there because of the aforementioned Hollywood-factor. 2017-11-10 05:11:55

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