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mark211Cliches in Fantasy fiction?2018-01-21 11:58:20
mark211Even as a fan of fantasy fiction myself, I can still see a cliche when I see one - that doesn't mean to say, of course, that all cliches are necessarily bad (in the sense of being unable to enjoy them). But there they are.2018-01-21 11:59:30
mark211So best or worst, funniest or cringiest - what are the cliches of Fantasy fiction?2018-01-21 12:00:07
micheledutcherObviously as a woman, my chief gripe is the barely-clothed princess who is snooty at first but is slowly won over by the hero. 2018-01-21 18:04:51
Ironspider@ micheledutcher - but is that a cliche or a required element? After all, what are the heroes to do if there are no heroines to rescue? Seriously though, I agree with you. I'd thought those cliches would've gone out of fashion, but they still seem to resurface with astounding regularity. Even when the heroine seems quite capable of looking after herself, there's usually a plot-point where she needs saving. My least favourite cliche - the 'chosen one'.2018-01-21 23:52:40
Modelling_MushiOne that irks me a bit is when there are female characters and their sole purpose is to support/act as a foil to a male character. I think there is a 'visual novel rule' about this created by an LGBTI group in the US but for the life of me I can't remember it.2018-01-22 02:56:00
IronspiderPerhaps not the most obvious place to note this, but I've just read that Ursula Le Guin has died, at the age of 88. For me, the Earthsea books and stories will always be her best works and, in some respects, they invented some of the concepts that other authors would then turn into the cliches we're discussing here. 2018-01-24 00:11:59
mark211Hmm, you know I'm thinking about the barely clothed princess thing and I'm not saying it doesn't exist because obviously it does, but ... am I right in thinking it exists on the front covers of paper back novels and it definitely exists in B-movies (and even some A-movies for that matter) ... but in fiction I can't help wondering it it might not have been overstated just how many there were. I've read quite a few bits of fantasy fiction from the 1960s and even earlier than that and often I'm taken aback at how many strong or at least sassy female characters there are.2018-01-24 12:27:18
mark211I heard about Le Guin on the news today too.2018-01-24 12:27:53

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