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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.
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mark211Which SFF novels should you never attempt to read while on drugs?2018-02-04 06:11:23
mark211Let's face it - there's quite a lot of trippiness in SFF novels and stories and while SFF stories were popular as pulp fiction from at least the 1930s (if not before) I think there may well have been a distinctive shift in the kinds of stories the genre produced thanks in no small part to the 'head' shops that did a roaring trade back in the 1960s and 1970s. 2018-02-04 06:15:06
mark211But some SFF is already so weird, so out there, that the idea of needing chemical or herbal stimulation over and above the written word seems superfluous at best, dangerous for your sanity at worst. So then - what are the trippiest novels in SFF that you can think of? What is your own tolerance for 'out there' fictions? Let us know below ...2018-02-04 06:16:51
r.tornelloEspecially today in the USSA AKA Russian Republic: 1984, Brave New World, Ape and Essence. 2018-02-04 06:33:52
Ironspider'Naked Lunch' by William S Burroughs would be an obvious candidate - it's hard enough to read anyway, given that the novel employs Burroughs' 'Cut-Up' technique. 'Options' by Robert Sheckley, which is funny, weird and surreal in equal measure. The 'Illuminatus Trilogy' written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson might be too obvious a choice, as I suspect neither author was in his right mind when they wrote it!2018-02-04 23:05:33
Modelling_MushiAnything by Vonnegut, not that he'd scare the heck out of me but that the combo of his 'substances' and my 'substances' would be the end of me. Also add to that Poul Anderson. Oh, and if this one goes to movies and drugs I would STRONGLY advise you not to mix alcohol, drugs and Aliens. Especially half way through after a pizza run. In a dark house. Alone. Don't ask, I'm still traumatized.2018-02-05 02:04:24
r.tornelloI just got blown off and lost the whole train of thought.

my main comment was doing acid and reading is kinda difficult. Watching a movie and acid is another story. I would refrain from any outside stimulus and let the trip take you where ever it is going to take you, good bad or indifferent. Just have a "coach" in case it gets too rough.

grass and hash? If you can keep a focus, most any book will bring out new concepts, even horror based SF,so keep a notebook.

My original comment is based upon the current political goings on and the similarity to the potential end result that the books present. As Senator McCain stated Trump is doing Putin's, and I might add Xi and all the other despots work, destroying the foundations of what we have left of our Republic.

2018-02-05 05:03:02
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