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mark211Should we be worried about sexism in SFF?2018-02-18 02:48:20
mark211Thanks for RT and Ironspider for their comments on Shakespeare in Space last week - and good luck with your new project, Ironspider.2018-02-18 02:49:04
mark211So for this week - "Should we be worried about sexism in SFF?" Personally, do you know what, I'm going to say, 'No'. I'm not saying that it doesn't exist, but just where it does exist it's really not of any consequence. Only just over 50% of adults read any kind of fiction at all any more and so when they do choose to do so: (a) I think we should trust the majority of them to know what they are reading; (b) if they do happen to really enjoy that kind of thing, recognise they are in a minority and that you're unlikely to persaude them to not like it. Of that group, most will grow out of it. A few won't of course but, meh, that's life. 2018-02-18 02:52:18
mark211So people - is this something you consider when creating plots, characters, scenes, etc.?2018-02-18 02:52:41
r.tornelloFirst, give us your definition of sexism. Then maybe we can answer your question.2018-02-18 07:16:20
micheledutcherA sexist attitude that i come across as a female author is an absence of female authors and editors on the front lines of sci-fi. For instance, when I attend a sci-fi meeting or convention, very few female authors are behind the table. 2018-02-18 08:10:40
micheledutcherWhen I have people contact me online, they assume I am a guy. I have thought about changing my name's spelling to make doublely sure that people know I am a female. Basically, I am fine with being around a bunch of guys but I would like to see more women in the field.2018-02-18 08:14:12
micheledutcherOn the flip side of the question, I think sci-fi authors have put the brakes on dummy princesses that need to be saved. Overt sexism is dwindling away -or so I hope. The Harry Potter series helped. Wonder woman helped. 2018-02-18 08:19:38
rtRead THE DARK kNIGHT, by me.2018-02-18 16:39:11
r.tornelloI'll send (email you a copy if you like. rdottornello@gmail.com2018-02-18 16:41:56
micheledutcherRichard and mark211 - can we get this blackmart thing out of here? 2018-02-22 10:28:00
r.tornelloto michele, Not my job. I have no access. I'm not a systems administrator.2018-02-23 16:06:02

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