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tgoyetteWould you like to survive?2013-01-01 17:45:15
tgoyetteA friend once said if he knew a nuclear attack were going to hit a near by city, he would drive towards it. He didn't want to survive and struggle with the aftermath: sickness, disease, and death. It would become a struggle for survival that we modern Earthers are ill prepared for. I would personally prefer to survive. It would be difficult and could just be a slower more painful death, but there is always hope for a future for mankind. How about you? 2013-01-01 17:45:55
mark211As I live close to London I was thinking I'd likely be near enough to be vaporised or at he very least crushed or brained by flying masonry from the blasts so in other words I wouldn't get much of a choice in the matter ... but then it struck me that, unlike when I was growing up when the UK was a target of Soviet Bloc warheads, nowadays if it happens at all, I think the target zones are more likely to be any one of Tel Aviv, Tehran, Islamabad or New Delhi. Assuming Russia and China don't immediately then go to war over who gets to divide up the radioactive spoils of the Asian subcontinent, I can't help thinking that, awful as this is going to sound, the rest of the world, including the poorer parts of Africa and SE Asia, might actually benefit economically and politically in the long run, whatever the human and ecological costs of the original blasts ... (On a semi-related note, while Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is clearly crazier than a fox wearing a piece of cheese as a hat, how does he imagine he would ever be able to hit Israel with a nuclear strike without also simultaneously vaporising most, if not all, of the Palestinian people he is ostensibly 'liberating', not to mention poisoning large parts of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt? Oh, and of course bringing a rain of nukes down on Tehran at the same time. What kind of a plan is that supposed to be?) 2013-01-06 12:05:52
mark212Who needs an atomic blast, while icecaps are melting......and then, I didn't know that survival is optional.........2013-01-06 12:38:27
IronspiderDepends what we're trying to survive. If it's a zombie plague, nuclear winter or doorstep salesmen, then I guess Yes. It'd be interesting (that might sound creepy) to see whether my low estimate of human nature proves true - I'm figuring cannibalism will start on day two (obviously Day One if it's a zombie plague)... If we're looking to survive local politics or global capitalism then I think I'd rather go explore the afterlife!2013-01-08 06:43:42
micheledutcherI think the pivotal words in the question are "if you knew". You won't know. By the time the missile is confirmed by the government and people are alerted - you'll already be 5 minutes into the atmosphere. And if you're far enough away to see the flash, you'd better be in your car/ on a bike within half an hour, headed further out to escape the first wave of the displaced. You have 3 days before the radiation begins to fall. 2013-01-09 04:59:20
mark211I love the idea (from Ironspider) that cannibalism would start on day two in a non-Zombie post-apocalypse scenario. It kind of suggests there're folks out there just waiting for the right excuse to serve their fellow citizens up for Thanksgiving the minute civilisation's back is turned. 2013-01-11 09:42:30
mark211More seriously ... there's a rare quality of beauty to landscapes that are empty and also those that have been devastated so it stands to reason that there would be a sublimely beautiful appearance to the emptiness and devastation left in the wake of a nuclear holocaust. Based on the experiences of civilian populations in WWII (Berlin, Dresden, Smolensk, Stalingrad, Hiroshima and Nagasaki), despite the horror I think I would like to survive if for no other reason than to see the awesome spectacle of ancient cities laid to waste. I like the descriptions you find in books like 'Slaughterhouse 5' (Vonnegut), 'The Great Fire (Hazzard) or just about anything by JG Ballard and it would be quite something to behold scenes like that for real.2013-01-11 09:51:27

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