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tgoyetteBest movie of 2012?2013-01-14 05:48:43
tgoyetteThis is actually the best science fiction, fantasy, or horror of 2012. I didnít see that many as I wait for them to come out on Netflix. Of those that Iíve seen so far it is The Hobbit that did it for me. Yes Iím a Tolken fan so that should come as not surprise. What did you thing of the class of 2012?2013-01-14 05:49:02
mark211I can say for me that it most definitely was NOT 'Prometheus' ...2013-01-14 15:45:20
IronspiderI'd offer up 'DREDD' for consideration. It's by no means a brilliant film, but among the various comic-related offerings I feel it didn't stray too far from its source material. Its intention was certainly straight forward and the two leads, Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby, did well by their respective characters.2013-01-15 04:40:52
micheledutcherCloud Atlas - period. Why this film was given the nod in the golden globes and the oscars I'll never know. I know it's up for best musical score - but the deepness of the thinking, it's bent towards Eastern philosophy, it's sci-fi basis was all perfect. Tom Hanks was perfect in the role of the far future hunter gatherer. I got to thinking I was nuts when it wasn't even mentioned by the Oscars, until I overheard my co-worker gushing about a film - Cloud Atlas! If you missed it, see it. 2013-01-17 12:51:37
micheledutcherOf course I meant: Why this film WASN'T given the nod...see, I'm so disallusioned that I still can't believe it! 2013-01-17 12:53:05
mark211I managed to see 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and 'Chronicle' (and 'Dark Knight Returns' if we can count that) but hardly anything else. I thought they were both good,actually, but neither was outstanding - I'd really like to see 'Cloud Atlas' after MDs rave review. I missed (not always unintentionally) 'Dredd', 'Looper', 'The Hunger Games', the remake of 'Total Recall' and 'Clash of the Titans part 2. 2013-01-17 15:00:00
Michele DutcherI saw Total Recall and although the CGs were better than the original (obviously) it wasn't any better than the original, in spite of all the firepower. I thought the original Total Recall was a brillant idea, but just rerunning that idea doesn't add anything to a movie. If I wouldn't have seen the first one however, I would really have enjoyed it. I saw Snow White and the Huntsman and enjoyed it...but not as much as I'm enjoying 'Once Upon a Time' each Sunday night at 8 pm. This series (from the creators of LOST) is amazing and the actors (especially Mr. Gold & Captain Hook) are well-chosen for their parts. 2013-01-19 07:07:17
GordonRowlinsonI don't know. The worst movie was Prometheus. It looked to me that they were setting things up for a sequel. Hopefully there won't be one. 2013-01-23 18:15:33

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