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tgoyetteWorst movie of 2012?2013-01-28 06:21:42
tgoyetteI didnít personally see a bad Science Fiction movie this year. Didnít see that many actually. However people here have suggested Prometheus. What stinker did you have the misfortune to see?2013-01-28 06:22:00
micheledutcherTo jog your memory, here are some films that were burned alive by Rotten Tomatos: - Lockout 38%; Iron Sky 37%; Battleship 34%; John Carter 51%; Total Recall 31%; & Grabbers. Okay, Pony-up, who spent $7.50 to see Iron Sky - I know you're out there! 2013-01-28 08:46:53
IronspiderThe most disappointing film for me would be Prometheus - for lots of reasons...2013-02-02 08:58:05
mark211'Prometheus' ... I was so horrified at its awfulness that I sent the following message to a friend (making free with hyperbole): 'I saw it last night for the first time. Having somehow miraculously missed all the avalanche of bad press it got over the summer ... nothing, O sweet Lord but nothing, prepared me for the near continuous stream of a**l incontinence that came toiletting into my mind. It was a bit like admitting into my home that scary Japanese bird in the nightie who crawls out of the screen in 'The Ring'; except it wasn't a bird in a nightie but a gush of s***e, and it wasn't crawling out of the screen so much as sludging all over the living room carpet .... That said, the visuals were undeniably awesome but that only made it worse, heaping yet more insult onto the injuries. Other than the visuals, the best thing I can say about the experience of watching this rubbish was: (1) trying (and failing) to imagine what on earth Ridley Scott could possibly have said to his actors on the innumerable occasions that they must have asked him 'And, err, so what's my motivation in this scene exactly?' and (2) the dawning realisation that there might actually and truly be a film worse than 'GI Jane'.' 2013-02-03 13:42:15

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