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tgoyetteNew books in 20132013-02-04 05:38:22

Is anyone looking forward to a new novel this year? Browsing through the list of upcoming Science Fiction there are a lot of series out there with new installments this year. Which ones are you hooked on? Neil Gaiman has a new one named The Ocean at the End of the Lane. That might be interesting.

Here is a link to the new scifi/fantasy books of 2013.

2013-02-04 05:40:33
IronspiderTo be honest I'm so far behind in my reading (about three hundred books waiting on the shelves at last count) that I doubt I'll be buying many books at all this year. And, often, those that I do buy are not necessarily new, just the continuation of series I've already started. Also, there seems to be a dearth of the sort of science fiction I really enjoy (for example I've only just re-read Stableford's Hooded Swan series in its entirety). I've yet to finish de Pierres' Sentients of Orion series, so might tackle that next!2013-02-05 04:20:18

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