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tgoyetteColony on Mars?2013-02-11 11:11:43
tgoyetteBas Lansdrop of Denmark has proposed starting a colony on Mars by 2023 called Mars One. The funding would come from creating a 'global media event'. The trip would be one-way for the astronauts who were chosen. Could it work?2013-02-11 11:12:19
SixbearsLooks like a media stunt. Shouldn't we have colonies there by now? What went wrong?2013-02-11 13:48:54
micheledutcherI think this is such a terrible idea that I've already written a horror story about it. To send 6 people to Mars to stay there FOREVER, hoping that in 2 years 6 more people might arrive and stay there FOREVER is such a bad idea. There wouldn't be any room for anything to go wrong - like too much radiation or whatever. At least if you go to the ends of the Earth and something goes wrong you can try to come back - but just to be out there and know that you will never come back...worse than the French Foreign Legion. 2013-02-15 12:05:23
r.tornellore Sixbears: Vietnam, war, spending, war,more war, cancellation of the nuclear powered thrusters, a minor problem of shielding, war, lack of desire and will, war, and now' we're broke. I think the Chinese will be there first. re Michele, if they are insane enough to want to play Gilligan's Island on another planet, let them.2013-02-15 13:55:57
mark211Hmmm, think we should try the moon first. I mean you'd want to be sure you could create a livable off-world base on the nearest satellite before we start exiling people to the red planet. It also seems kind of a pointless exercise to go there without having a mechanism to send back usable goods. I mean when the first British and Dutch East India Companies made (in 17th C. terms) the same kind of spectacularly and suicidally dangerous voyages to the spice islands, they did so in the knowledge that if they did manage to make it back, the returning cargos averaged a 22,000% profit on the original investment. I mean ... being able to put 'Drink Coke' on the side of a planet just isn't going to cut that thickness of mustard. Speaking of moon bases, I loved this story: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-02/01/foster-esa-moon-base-3d-printing2013-02-17 07:27:18
r.tornelloMarl 211 Yes, your comments that makes sense,but we wern't talking sense here. The moon would be an excellent launch base with the lower gravity, mining and all that.2013-02-17 08:23:54

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