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tgoyetteBest heckling movie?2013-03-25 01:03:23
tgoyetteMystery Science Theatre 3000 made a living out of heckling movies. In our family we try not to watch bad movies but sometimes there are those that are close to being good and are dumb in a way that they are funny in a way the director didnít intend. These are great just to sit there and pick apart in teams. Our all time favorite for this is the animated movie Quest for Camelot, but there are others.2013-03-25 01:03:42
IronspiderAlmost any recent science fiction film. I'd say the rot set in with 'Matrix', but continued on through such debacles as '2012' and 'Prometheus'... Some films consist solely of daft ideas and bad acting, but that doesn't make them any worse than the best scripted, best acted, dire pile of excrement from a well-respected director (yes, we're back to Prometheus)!2013-03-25 05:36:48
mark211'Prometheus' was an insult to logic, an insult to the special effects team, an insult to narrative, an insult to the excellent 'Alien' and, as far as I'm concerned, an insult to me personally. But that makes it not enjoyable on any level and so not a good heckling movie. Best heckling movie ... 'The Phantom Menace' - some of the action was fun but it was otherwise pretty cringeworthy.2013-03-25 14:37:50
Pablo DynamoThe early Godzilla movies had much more science with the fiction than the last few have in them,but those early movies have so much heckling material you might pass out from laughing so hard. I'm talking about the cheesy Godzilla suits, the oh-so-fake looking buildings and toy cars he's stomping on. There's one scene where Godzilla opens his mouth and you can see the metallic looking round opening where his lightning breath is supposed to come from. Word on the street is there's another Godzilla movie slated to come out in 2014, so get ready, everyone.2013-03-25 19:47:04
micheledutcherYou didn't clarify scifi/fantasy, so the most fun I ever had heckling a movie was Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. My adult son and I sat in a movie theater in the middle of the afternoon with a nun about 6 rows back. We kept shouting at the screen, 'Blood Blood lotsa blood, hot blood cold blood Blood Blood Blood'. The nun shrieked almost immediately and ran out of the room! Hilarious! P.S. South Park heckled this movie to, obviously, The Passion of the Jew. 2013-03-27 05:30:07
tgoyetteOne of our favorite heckling is when the hero goes empty handed into the enemy encampment. When he takes out a guard he leaves the machine gun an pistol behind as he proceeds. Later on they could really use a weapon, but no they left a trail of firearms behind him. I suppose it is for tension later in the movie. We applaud whenever someone actually picks up a gun or two for later.2013-03-27 18:32:04
tgoyetteI like the conversation so far. All the dumping on Prometheus almost makes me want to see it.2013-03-27 18:40:20
IronspiderThough I've often sat through films and either sniggered at inappropriate moments or held an inner monologue on its faults, I've rarely been vocal in my dislike during the film. It's usually afterward that myself and friends discuss the relative 'merits' of a particular production. I really can't remember the last film I actively heckled, so it must have been some years ago. If watching a DVD at home for the first time I have been known to scream derisive comments at the television...2013-03-28 05:28:07
tgoyetteIn theaters we usually only whisper comments it's at home watching TV or DVDs that we really speak up. 2013-03-30 20:58:01

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