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tgoyetteFantastic Sports?2013-04-15 06:35:13
tgoyetteThere are a number of sports used as the basis for Fantastic literature and film. My personal favorite is Enderís Game, where the participants think they are playing a game but are actually leading battles in deep space. Hunger games is a more down to earth competition. Which have you most liked or disliked?2013-04-15 06:35:41
r.tornelloboth of them play on psyops manipulation of the protagonists, using their weakness and strengths for the desired results. Neither one is very pretty when you think about it. The manner and skill and the psychological blackmail, and the responses are the interesting aspects of the stories. The good guys always win, it's a matter of guessing. Enders Game had more of the ending hidden from the viewer than Hunger Games. In that it was a better story.2013-04-15 07:56:44
micheledutcherThe sports in scifi that come instantly to mind are The Running Man by Stephen King, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Quidditch used in the Harry Potter films. 2013-04-17 08:04:30
IronspiderRollerball Murder or Rollerball - depending whether you prefer William Harrison's short story or the film!2013-04-17 12:50:16
micheledutcherThere was an episode of Red Dwarf where the crew found out they had been actually playing a video game - and they were losing desperately. 2013-04-19 07:35:35
r.tornellohow about 13th floor?2013-04-19 13:10:01

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