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tgoyetteOblivion2013-04-22 04:11:04

Have you seen the movie: Oblivion? The following is a critique, and there may be some spoilers. If youíve seen it please add your comments.

Over all it wasnít a bad movie and certainly not great but decent. Maybe 6 out of 10. There are a number of entertaining parts and some exciting action separated by slowly made plot points. Iím certain the director is trying to build a feeling at these points but it didnít really come through.

First the bad:

There were a number of points where the music and action on the screen builds to a dramatic conclusion but nothing happens. There is too much time dedicated to explanation and background information for my taste and the pacing was slow compared to modern film style.

It seemed, to me, that the director was trying to make a cerebral movie with an action/thriller plot but didnít quite pull it off.

Then the good:

The acting is good and there are a number of twists that keep it interesting. It seems in many of his recent movies we get to see Tom Curse get beaten up. In this film we get to see him beaten up by himself, literally. He also gets to sacrifice himself for humanity and get the girl in the end.

There are a number of good action sequences and the characters make some unexpected choices. All of which work well to draw the viewer into the film.

What do you think?

2013-04-22 04:13:08
IronspiderI'll admit I haven't seen the film and am quite willing to wait until I can loan it out on DVD. These days I'm put off by overly hyped films, usually with half-a-dozen teaser trailers and too much coverage in the press, and tend not to bother seeing them.2013-04-26 05:54:39
micheledutcherHaven't seen the movie - I just don't like Tom Cruise. He spent a couple of years at a Louisville High School (my hometown) and he completely disavows that stay. I just wouldn't go out of my way to see the short little fanatic. 2013-04-29 07:47:38
HarryJBenthamI give it 7/10 because it was better than most sci fi these days. Dare I say, it was better than Avatar and maybe even Prometheus. It certainly is more thought-provoking. I saw the film yesterday, and I thought it was very creative and worth watching. For anyone who has seen the movie already, however: have you not noticed the plot has some problems when you think on it deeply? Why would a super-intellignet alien robot go to the trouble of cloning an army of Tom Cruises with special care to keep with all their memory engrams and character intact only to wipe these very memories to give Cruise the mission of a mindless robot. Why not create clones with no memories, which is much easier, and brainwash them from scratch? Ultimately, the alien machine's plans are thwarted by 1 Tom Cruise clone who pieces together the life of the original Tom Cruise, then dies a heroic death. In the ending, 1 random Tom Cruise clone (don't ask "which one") returns to "his" wife Julia (Olga Kurylenko) with memories of her intact. Not sure why Julia would choose to be the wife of the first random clone of her husband to turn up, considering there are now at least 50 surviving clones of her husband prowling the planet with the same memories, and the original husband remains dead). Mind-boggling. Still, the visual rewards of the movie, the message of the story, and the plot twists make this movie a must-watch.2013-05-01 10:08:41
tgoyetteMichele, maybe if you think of it as a Morgan Freeman film. 2013-05-01 17:38:28

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