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tgoyetteWorst science in a movie?2012-02-06 04:09:23
tgoyetteIt is difficult to narrow it down to just one and everyone has their favorite, but. For me it was in “Evolution.” It’s a comedy so it is probably intentional and it made me laugh. The line was rendered while the main character was looking at a periodic table on the back of the woman’s shift. It was something like: “We are carbon based and our poison is arsenic, which is down two and over one. They are silicon based so there poison must be down two and over one. selenium!” I mean, the periodic table is human creation and the position on the chart do not directly relate to the interaction of those chemicals on the complex biological operation of animals.2012-02-06 04:11:29
Ironspider2012 - where the Indian scientist indicates that neutrinos have mutated...2012-02-06 04:44:21
sfbellAny of the 'hacking' movies. Or when banal strings of technical terms are put together.... I know darn well that you didn't just crack the NSA mainframe through an ftp protocol back door. 2012-02-08 16:48:33
RoxtonTetsuo 3 decided to try and turn an experimental supernatural film about metal fetishism into science fiction. Therefore a man starts growing weapons out of his body because the government injected him with "android DNA" which "causes the iron in his body to increase" in complete violation of the laws of conservation of matter. 2012-02-09 12:11:54
GordonRowlinsonIn Spiderman, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider which somehow gives him powers of a spider. That sounds sooooooo believable. 2012-02-09 17:17:02
tgoyetteI think that just about all superheros are unbelievable, except maybe Batman. With Batman, if you have someone rich enough they can indulge in their fantasies. It's just hard to believe the Police would aid a Vigilante.2012-02-10 08:50:53
GordonRowlinsonOK. Let's cut the superhero movies some slack. Let's look at two non-superhero movies. When I find bad science in a movie, I find it distracting. I want to suspend disbelief and go along, but when they go too far... The Fly (I think it was in the 80s) starring Jeff Goldblum and Gena Davis. Jeff Glodblum invents a machine that can teleport people. However in his self testing of the thing he failed to notice a fly in the machine with him. Thus his DNA became fused with that of the fly. He slowly starts turning into a fly. First of all why didn't the symtoms become imediately apparent? Wouldn't he be dead if he were half fly-half man? Also why did he turn more and more into a fly? Wouldn't he be half fly-half man? Also surely there were dust mites in the machine. Why didn't Jeff get turned into a dust mite? The movie did have Gena Davis in it so that was a good reason to see it. The Core The earth's core has stopped rotation for some reason. A team of scientests invents a wonderous ship that goes to the earth's core. The ship has a wonderous laser device that bores through rock and thus moves as super high speed to the center of the earth. Fortunately the ship also has a hull that keeps the lava from melting the ship to a crisp. Then they drop some nukes at the core and start the earth rotating again. How did they know how much nukes it would take to restart the earth's rotation? Also I remember the ship moving through the earth at something like 100 MPH. The ship buzzing through rock at high speed was way too much for me to accept. 2012-02-11 04:43:01
sfbellWait, is that right? The Earth stopped rotating? If that happened, why wasn't everyone flung into space when the planet stopped spinning? Or is that in itself bad science?2012-02-11 06:01:31
Sarge@GordonRowlinson: And what about his intestinal fauna? Wouldn't he have turned into a half man half anerobic bacterium? Hell we're all walking symbiotic organisms. For me, it's time travel. I feel there is no bigger effrontery to science in general and physics specifically than the idiotic notion of time travel. Contrary to popular belief, there is no way to even remotely twist Einsteinian physics to allow time travel. And NO, it is not because we do not have the technology to do it, there is just no way. Check out the work of Minkowski2012-02-12 20:09:41
tgoyetteMy favorite form of time travel is sleep. We lie down and wake up 8 hours later and it seems as if we just closed our eyes. Yes, this is only perceived time travel. It was great when I was a kid and slept in the car on a long trip. To me, we got there in no time. As a parent who has to stay awake for the driving, it's not as much fun.2012-06-01 19:40:24

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