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tgoyetteebooks much?2013-05-05 22:37:21
tgoyetteExcept for cook books my wife has switched over to ebooks for the most part. I still old school. I have a nook with I use mostly for online content rather than novels. With ebooks gaining ground on print the rising generation may move away from books all together. What do you think of ebooks and the future of print?2013-05-05 22:40:45
RdotTornelloIf I drop a book while in the bathroom, it won't break. If I want to make a comment in the margin I can do that too. I don't need batteries, and no one can shut me out, censor what I have in my hands. They can't undo what's been printed E books have a place but so does a nice, well illustrated, fine paper edition too2013-05-06 14:07:09
MikeThere are a lot of advantages to ebooks. You can carry a library on your single device, so if you are traveling, you don't need a suitcase full of books. You can buy an ebook remotely and start reading it right away. Hard to buy a paperback book from your hotel room. As we get older and blinder, we can change the font size on our Kindle or Nook and still read the same library, not restricting ourselves to a shelf of large print books. So there is a lot to be said for ebooks. I don't think paperbacks are going away, but I do see the market share tipping more and more to ebooks.2013-05-07 13:52:38
micheledutcherI really thought ebooks would take over and be the end of paper books, but I've handed friends a link to get a free copy of my ebooks - and I've handed friends my books in print - and the reaction to the print book wins every time. Ebooks may be just the beginning phase, with actually having the words implanted in your brain being the last phase...? 2013-05-08 06:49:40
IronspiderSorry, but for me part of the reading experience is in collecting the physical form - the cover illustration, the slightly-yellow pages in an older volume, the gentle riffle of printed paper. Yes, there are many advantages to an ebook - sheer capacity being the main one - but there is something about a word physically printed upon a page that I still prefer over the ephemeral electronic version.2013-05-09 04:29:25
MikeI think part of it is generational. People I work with who are under forty tend to accept ebooks readily. Those over forty tend to prefer paper.2013-05-09 12:50:35

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