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tgoyetteBest Magical Item?2013-05-13 05:23:49
tgoyetteMagical items appear in books, stories and movies. What is the best magical item you've seen or would like to have? Flying carpets would be a cool way to avoid traffic.2013-05-13 05:26:06
r.tornelloFLYING CARPETS??? carpets tangled up in phone lines like balloons, mid air crashes from non skilled goons. Avoid the traffic but fall from height. Head first down and awful sight. But, upon some deep introspection, where driving skills a possible reflection, maybe a way to reduce the population. 2013-05-14 04:10:08
micheledutcherOkay Okay Okay! I've been thinking. Cloak of Invisibility? - nah, my feet would hang out. Witch's broom - nah, I'd fall off when drunk. My Precious - one ring to rule them all? - nah, I have too many obsessions already. Book of Necromancy? - yeah! Richard wants to reduce the population - I'll increase it by calling the dead from their graves to do my bidding!!!2013-05-15 07:24:31
r.tornelloMichele, thanks a lot!!!2013-05-15 12:12:49
mark211Great question! Here are some of my suggestions: [1] The ebony horse, inlaid with gold and jewels, that when wooden pegs are twisted or removed from its neck, the wooden steed will carry the rider through the sky to wherever he/she wants to go, crossing the space of a year’s travel in a single day; [2] the flesh of a certain kind of magical fish that once baked and eaten will allow the eater to understand the language of every kind of animal, birds, horses, cats, caterpillars, etc.; [3] a giant pearl that allows the possessor create or calm seas at will and which can allow him or her to walk across the oceans as if they were smooth as a road; [4] a spear that gives heart to your allies and strikes paralysing terror in all your enemies and that when you strike it into the ground it can set off tremors that can breach the thickest of castle walls; [5] a leather flask whose silver wine can heal the very worst of injuries, even brining the dead back to life if they get a drink of it quick enough after they have died. I could do this all day, so I won’t!2013-05-18 06:58:00

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