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tgoyetteStar Trek Curse?2013-05-27 17:37:05
tgoyetteIn the previous iteration of Star Trek movies there was a curse: Every even numbered movie didnít stink. This held generally true from the TOS cast into TNG, although they did warp it a bit with insurrection, which was pretty good. Now we have a new series of movies from J. J. Abrams. The first movie was great and the second movie is out now. What do you think of the two? I loved the first one but was a bit disappointed with the second. The second had all the action you could eat in a lifetime and plenty of great one-liners. Maybe I was expecting too much when I went in. It will probably be better the next time I see it, which will probably be when we buy the DVD.2013-05-27 17:37:23
GordonRowlinsonI think the curse was broken in the early 90s. I thought The Undiscovered Country, which is an even movie, was terrible. I was sorry I was stupid enough to see it at a movie theater. Then I liked Generations, which is an odd movie. 2013-05-28 17:41:01
micheledutcherI wanted to explore this further so I was brutally honest - there were some I didn't even see. Star Trek: 1 The Motion Picture ' VGER Ė loved it!; 2 The Wrath of Khan ' liked it Ė good plot; 3 Search for Spock ' okay; 4 Voyage Home ' kind of dippy ; 5 Final Frontier ' camping scene Boo; 6 Undiscovered Country 'didnít see it; 7 ' Generations: Didnít see it; 8 ' First Contact Loved it!; 9 ' Insurrection Boo!; 10 ' Nemesis didnít see it; 11 Star Trek Ė Hooray!! New players Love it! Spock and Kirk back to sweaty, cowboy star trek!; 12 ' Into Darkness Ė will see it this weekend 2013-05-30 06:16:59
micheledutcherSaw Star Trek Into Darkness - the supporting cast was trying to imitate the original cast. I've already been there done that. My Kingdom for a bit of originality! See editorial this month!2013-06-03 09:35:24
GordonRowlinsonIn the movie Star Trek (movie 11) a black hole is created near Earth which swallows up the bad guy's ship. Only Scotty's quick work saves the Enterprise from getting swallowed up too. Wouldn't a new black hole near Earth alter the orbit of our planet around the sun and radically change our climate? I feel like being a wise guy and raising this question. 2013-06-03 13:01:31

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