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tgoyetteMovie of Steel?2013-06-24 04:57:41
tgoyetteMuch has been made in the media of the new Superman movie. In early reviews critics paned it as a lame rehashing of better movies that came before. But when it opened it did better than expected. So the public at large seem to like it. I haven't seen it. What do you think?2013-06-24 04:57:59
micheledutcherI've heard the first part is great, but the last half is boom, boom, boom. The guys at the bar are insisting I see it, and I suppose I'll do so this weekend - but I have my reservations. 2013-06-25 09:39:56
micheledutcherOkay, given, that was the best Superman movie I ever saw - at least the first hour of it. The movie incorporated logical sci-fi themes, although there was too much theology in it for my taste. The last 45 minutes was the much cliched explosions and towers falling which echoed the whole twin towers disaster too closely for me. The dust in the air, the paper flying, all of it was too grisly a copy of the twin towers to see it as fanciful. But the first hour was great. 2013-07-01 14:55:27

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