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tgoyettePie delivery service?2013-07-01 15:28:15

Which author would you most like to hit with a cream pie. For me it is Patricia A. McKillip. Not because she is a bad author, she has written a number of novels that Iíve enjoyed. It is because of one novel where she made one of the main characters a little too unrealistic and then threw in an ending that made no sense, unless the gods are totally unhinged and agreed to be unhinged in the same way and sound rational. Iíve loaned the book out and no one has been able to understand what happens at the end.

I may have the chance to meet Ms. McKillip next week at readercon. Just in case Iíll keep a loaded pie in my bag.

2013-07-01 15:29:06
micheledutcherI can't say about authors I'd like to cream pie, but I'd like a truckload of them for the director of Man of Steel. What started out as a union between legitimate scifi and comic books (yeah, graphic novel I know) flipped midway through into a boom boom boom comic book. Oh well. Really, by the time I read a book it's usually been well reviewed by friends - so my next one will be World War Z - the novel, not the movie. I'm just more into classics.2013-07-06 07:06:22
mark211The only kinds of author that make me seek out the assistance of a pie delivery service are a number of those who write so-called 'Literary fiction'. Martin Amis, DBC Pierre, Salman Rushdie and Ali Smith would all be high up on my list if that were the case - although actually even with them it's more often the absurd hype of the reviews in the papers that actually tends to get my goat. So, maybe, pies instead to lazy journalists - the ones who just rewrite the publicity mail shots from the publisher rather than actually read the book itself?2013-07-07 12:55:24

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