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tgoyetteSummer Movies?2013-08-05 05:53:31
tgoyetteWe’ve discussed this a couple of times this summer, but with the season winding down, which movies did you see and how were they. Of the ones I saw Star Trek was the best, however a subtle, brooding Kahn messes with my mind. I couldn’t help contrasting him with the late Ricardo Montalban’s version and finding this new one, not so much fun. Oblivion was ok, although it had some strange pacing, dramatic build-ups that went nowhere. World War Z was more of a medical thriller as opposed to the tradition claustrophobia of zombie movies and there were some laughs in there, at lease at the theater we went to. It was a good crowd. What are your takes?2013-08-05 05:53:49
mark211Our (UK's) big movie season tends to kick off in the Autumn rather than summer. But I saw and loved 'Cloud Atlas', flawed though it was it was better than a lot of stuff I've seen lately, and now I am waiting eagerly for 'Elysium' and especially 'Gravity'.2013-08-05 15:19:00
micheledutcherWe're getting Elysium and City of Bones here in the U.S. this weekend. I definitely want to see them both. I watched Man of Steel (Superman) and really loved the first half of it - before everything just became hand to hand battle. I was disappointed with Star Trek - as I've already seen the original Wrath of Khan - and about mid-way through, it turned into buildings blowing up. Loved The Lone Ranger, loved The Great Gatsby. WWZ was so badly panned that I decided against seeing it. 2013-08-08 09:48:04

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