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tgoyetteWorst science ever?2013-09-02 07:33:09

Every once in a while I hear about an experiment performed by real scientists that are just dumb.

Experiment: A scientist named Spalding brilliantly theorized that a baby chick's instinct to follow a mother hen originates in its brain. In an 1873 experiment, he removed the brains of baby chicks and placed the chicks a few yards from a mother hen.
Conclusion: Spalding's groundbreaking paper, "Instinct," tells us: "Decerebrated chicks will not move towards a clucking or retreating object.

Here is a small list http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/06/20/stupid-science-4-dumb-experiments-done-by-scientists/

What's are some of the dumb science experiments you've heard of?

2013-09-02 07:34:25
micheledutcherNow this is a JOKE, but I heard it early on: A scientist teaches a frog to jump when he says 'jump frog'. He says, 'jump frog' and the frog jumps 40 feet. He chops off 2 legs and says 'jump frog' and the frog jumps 20 feet. He chops off the other two legs and says, 'Jump frog', and the frog just lays there. 'Jump frog' he says 2 more times with the same results. The scientist writes down in his log, 'Frog with no legs is deaf'. 2013-09-03 05:25:42
mark211Australians ... gotta love them. Why? Well, amongst other things, such as coining the words 'avo', 'wristy', and 'milko' (which sort of go together in a manner of speaking), this is the country that pionneered scientific research into the following question, asked by an anonymous nurse calling into a popular science Talk Radio show: 'I let one rip [i.e. farted] in an operating theatre one time - does that mean I contaminated a sterile environment?' A fair question I guess, especially as no one had asked it previously. Not long afterwards, microbiologist Luke Tennent enlisted the help of a few willing volunteers and had them pass gas onto a petri dish at a distance of 5cm (whether the 5cm was from the aperture or the outer surface was not made clear in the report I read). Having then left the exposed petri dishes overnight, it was soon discovered that two types of bacteria had developed: one was associated with bacteria which normally lines the gut, the other with bacteria that coats the outer surface of the skin. Two startling conclusions from this experiment ensued: (1) everyday clothing should prevent any kind of contamination of a sterile environment should one by any chance let one go (bearing in mind that some surgeons can be engaged in complex operations lasting anywhere between 8 and 12 hours, and under considerable stress, this is no doubt a good thing); (2) don't accept any food prepared by a confirmed naturist. 2013-09-06 12:06:38
mark211Also this, winner of the 2012 Ig Nobel Prize (Psychology Award): Eerland, A.; Guadalups, T. M and Zwaan, R. A. (2011) "Leaning to the Left Makes the Eiffel Tower Seem Smaller: Posture-Modulated Estimation." Psychological Science Vol. 22 (12) pp. 1511-1514 ABSTRACT: In two experiments, we investigated whether body posture influences people’s estimation of quantities. According to the mental-number-line theory, people mentally represent numbers along a line with smaller numbers on the left and larger numbers on the right. We hypothesized that surreptitiously making people lean to the right or to the left would affect their quantitative estimates. Participants answered estimation questions while standing on a Wii Balance Board. Posture was manipulated within subjects so that participants answered some questions while they leaned slightly to the left, some questions while they leaned slightly to the right, and some questions while they stood upright. Crucially, participants were not aware of this manipulation. Estimates were significantly smaller when participants leaned to the left than when they leaned to the right.2013-09-06 12:15:59

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