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tgoyetteAlien response?2013-09-30 15:25:25
tgoyetteHow would you respond if an alien spacecraft landed in your back yard/neighborhood? I think I'd like to error on the side of caution and lave the house, find a good hiding spot and observe. I'd only approach if it seemed safe.2013-09-30 15:25:45
rwhegwoodActually I sort of know….at least I know how I would have acted at one time, though I may think differently now. When I was 17, I and a friend went camping in a big empty pasture way out in the country. One short leaf pine kept vigil there in it's midst and it was under that we spread our bedrolls. Late in the night we were talking under a host of brilliant stars and nearly full moon when over the tree line to the north we saw three white ovals of light all in a row, and not a sound as they swept south across the pasture. That had been a year of many UFO sightings in my part of the world, and both of us thought for sure this was one as well. So naturally I jumped up and began to run towards it shouting and waving my arms trying to get it's attention. My friend was shouting too, but he was saying things like "Get back under the tree! Come back! etc." I ignored him and kept running. The lights drew closer and closer and passed only a few feet away from me and my flailing arms without stopping. It was only then just a little above them I could make a faint blinking red light. My heart sank and moments later I heard the drone of propellers. It was just a low flying cargo plane following the railroad tracks that ran parallel to the east side of the pasture. My friend was relieved but still angry with me. I just felt cheated.2013-09-30 20:36:49
r.tornelloI had a similar happening on a deserted NJ beach with a girl friend in college. Was I pissed. She was just a crazy as me and disappointed too. The sex was good but sand in the crotch is not something I can recommend. That was then, 40 years ago, Today I might do the same thing. It they can get here, their weapon systems, sensor and tracking systems are by far more sophisticated and I suppose hiding under a bush wouldn't matter too much. "Hey here I am. Lets talk." It would be once in a life time (one way or another), I'd take it, and yes, I'd be scared shitless. Fool then fool now. Rick Tornello2013-10-01 10:40:08
GordonRowlinsonI would go right up to the alien spacecraft and negotiate the book rights to ghost write the book on the incident. 2013-10-02 07:18:37
micheledutcherOkay. As those who know me know: I believe I've been abducted by aliens before, multiple times, when I was in my 20s, 30s, and 40s. Did I run? - no, because they saw me first and I was paralyzed. Was it a real treat? - no, because I can't remember most of it. Did I write a book? - no, because it's already been written and the definitive book is called: Communion. One good thing was I got to 'talk' face to face with a creature who was kind, who had the mind of a scientist - albeit from some place other than here. He could have been the future just as easily as from a star far far away. The little grey ones were just doing their jobs. There I said it. 2013-10-02 09:44:35
tobiashBottoms Up The guy next to me seemed nervous. He kept making jerky motions. I got the feeling he was wearing a mask and it was slipping. I get ideas like that all the time. I’m a science fiction writer and I see aliens everywhere. It’s an occupational hazard, I guess. Otherwise the guy looked perfectly ordinary but you’d have to admit he was full of tics. After a while, my curiosity got the better of me and I leaned over and said, “Hey buddy, can I buy you a drink? You look like you can use one.” My offer set off an explosive round of twitching and jerking. Finally he answered in this mechanical voice, “That would be very kind of you but not necessary.” I signaled the bartender to pour us each a shot of whiskey. I raised my glass and said, “bottoms up” and tossed the booze down like the experienced drinker I am. When I slapped my glass down on the bar, I noticed that my new friend hadn’t touched his drink. The glass sat in front of him exactly where the bartender left it. “You’re supposed to drink it, you know,” I said pantomiming lifting a glass to my lips. “I’m sorry,” he said in that robotic voice, “but alcohol is bad for me.” Now my overactive imagination was convincing me that my drinking companion was either an alien or a robot disguised as a human being. When you write sci-fi for a living, you tend to view the world in terms of visitors from distant worlds or other dimensions or any of a number of common science fiction tropes. “Well, if you’re not going to drink it,” I said reaching for the glass. “Would you mind...?” “Mind?” he repeated looking puzzled. “Yes, mind if I drink it?” I said dragging the glass of amber liquid toward me. “I do not mind,” he answered sounding like a bad speech recognition program. “Well then,” I said picking up the shot glass, “here’s mud in your eye.” and threw back the amber liquid in one practiced motion. When I finished, I saw my companion swiping wildly at his eyes. “Is the mud still there?” he asked me earnestly. “There is no mud,” I told him. “It’s only an expression we drinkers use. He looked relieved. “If you don’t drink,” I asked him, “why are you sitting at a bar?” “I am waiting for my ride,” he answered. “Oh, I see. You are waiting for someone,” I said trying to engage this strange man in conversation. “Waiting for my ride,” was his terse reply. “Going home?” I prodded hopefully. “Home,” he repeated and lapsed into twitchy silence. By now my imagination was working overtime. I half expected to see a flying saucer set down in the parking lot and the poor fellow dissolve into a greenish blur. “So where is home?” I asked trying to keep the lines of communication open. “Far,” he answered, “very far,” “Where exactly? Alaska? Hawaii?” “Far,” he said again flapping his arm in the direction of the ceiling. To someone like me this was practically an admission that he was an extraterrestrial. I was getting very excited and wanted to interview him further. I needed to learn what I could about his world his spacecraft what he thought of our planet and its poor benighted creatures. I could practically taste the Hugo awards and other accolades my books would win. I needed to keep this interview going but I also needed to excuse myself and answer nature’s urgent call from my bladder. “I’ll be right back,” I said in my friendliest voice. Patting him on his back I thought I heard a hollow metallic thump, “Don’t go anywhere.” I staggered off to the men’s room and relieved myself. When I returned to my seat, ET was gone. I asked the bartender where he went. The barkeep, a big burley fellow looked at me uncomprehendingly. “What man?” he said. “The fellow I was just speaking with not two minutes ago. The man I was buying drinks for. That man,” I exclaimed barely hiding my exasperation. “There hasn’t been anyone here but you, sir,” the bartender said. “Maybe you’ve had a few too many.” So that was the game. The bartender was in on it. This whole bar was just a front, a meeting place for star travelers, an ET transit point. The whole thing was fixed and I just happened to stumble on it. I stared long and hard at the bartender who kept avoiding eye contact. What was he hiding? And why was he continuously adjusting and readjusting his shirt? Was that a pair of tentacles hidden away in there or a second pair of claw-like arms? “Where’re you from?’ I asked in my friendliest manner. Already convinced I knew the answer. 2013-10-07 06:08:38
mark211Upon seeing the craft descend I would most likely regret the decision to have quit smoking.2013-10-07 07:38:38
mark211In other words, I think I'd most likely just stand and gawp in amazement and basically do nothing - hence, having a smoke would be quite fitting ... of course, I'm imagining that the craft would be on a huge scale - kind of like the huge sky-continent that was in 'District 9'.2013-10-07 07:41:11
micheledutcherFor mark211: I started my story Elle like that - a guy wishing he smoked so he didn't feel so weird waiting for a bus. The massive spaceships were also done by Clarke in Childhoods End.2013-10-07 09:10:39
CHARLIE CHEESEBURGERI glad that others have experienced alien abduction. I'd humbly like to add my story. I was in my pink Cadillac driving down a lonely god-foresaken stretch of Nevada highway at midnight, heading towards Vegas and was thinking how a positive outlook is important and thinking bout how cool I looked in my car when, when a vision of an impossible dream, this bodasous blond biker chick with long flowing hair cruised or flew by me! This worth dying for chick casually turned her head and glanced and smiled at me and for a 1/2 second our eyes met and for a 1/2 second my heart stopped and for a 1/2 second the entire world stopped. This chick clad in skin tight black bike leather is the ultimate perfect chick! The craziest thing is my caddy doesn’t have top gear and only has a top speed of 50 mph and I could keep up with her. I figured that (thinking positive) I’d catch up to her at the next rest stop and offer her one of my warm beers and impress her with my class! Just when I thought I’d catch up to her, an alien space ship looking like the ship in Independence Day appeared overhead. As I was wondering where Will Smith was when you need him, these crazy little guys took me aboard. They were poking me and they told me that they were taking me back to their home planet cuz they needed to take someone back to their planet that knew lots about science on earth and earth culture. I told em I knew lots about yogurt cultures and science as I got a C+ in high school science class before I dropped out and they could tell I knew a lot about automobiles from the car I was drivin and I showed them some of my science fiction stories and then they told me that they were dropping me off-oh well. They dropped me off at Roswell Mew Mexico! It would be a long walk back to Nevada and my pink Cadillac but I figured thinking positive - hey I could use a little exercise! When the sun came up that morning, it got hot and I went up to a coke machine that needed $1.00 but i only had $.50 so I began to smash the machine and the next thing I knew some cop wearing those “cool hand Luke” sunglasses and had a look on his face that said “you in a heap of trouble boy!” and at first I thought I’d kung fu the creep with my Bruce Lee moves but I suddenly realized that that memory was out of a movie! oh well. As they were hauling me off to the slammer I figured at least I could get something to eat and drink at last, but when I got in the slammer they gave me some unidentifiable slop on plate and that’s when I figured that it was time to stop looking at the positive so I yelled at the dude “hey you should serve this on a shingle or a stick!” and then I put the slop in between two pieces of bread and threw it back at him and the sandwich hit him in the face and then all the guards in the world came after me so I made like Al Pacino and started to yell “Attica! Attica! Attica! and the other dudes in the jail picked up on it and started to riot and then someone grabbed the keys and we made a jail break! What was I talking about? Oh yeah – my alien abduction and how a positive outlook is important in life. If someone hands you a lemon, I say make lemonade! Yeah - but how about the worst case? - What do you do when someone hands ya a pile of shit? Well I say make a shit sandwich and hand it back to them! I wonder when those alien guys are gonna come back and take me to their planet. 2013-10-07 15:42:13
mark211Hi Michele, Heh! I'd forgotten that part of 'Elle' - thanks for the Clarke tip, I'll have to check that out. BTW, completely un-UFO related I have just been introduced (by Ross Kitson as it goes) to Jack Vance and think his Dying Earth stuff AWESOME if you (or anyone else) is interested in any reading recommendations.2013-10-08 07:52:55
mark211On-topic, I really enjoyed Volume I of Vertigo's comic book 'Saucer County' (by Cornell and Kelly)2013-10-08 07:54:25
EyeheartcheeseburgersOkay, put it into a flash story and submit it, Charlie cheeseburger...2013-10-12 06:43:11

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