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tgoyetteGravity2013-10-28 05:47:24
tgoyetteI havenít seen the movie Gravity as yet, but it did receive tremendously good reviews. Two questions: 1) is it really a good movie and 2) is it actually Science fiction?2013-10-28 05:47:42
delziggioI have seen it. Excellent film. Human drama mixed with "smart-people-trying-to-figure-their-way-out-of-an-impossible-problem" storyline. Concise, gripping storytelling and it's about as close to science fiction as something like Apollo 13 was, if that helps. Some of the technology in the film may not be things we currently possess, but it's believable that they aren't that far off either.2013-10-28 05:55:54
IronspiderOne pedantic criticism is that Sandra Bullock's hair doesn't move correctly if she's supposed to be in zero-g. The other main criticism is that the various satellites and space stations portrayed in the film don't share the same orbit. Oh well, with an error that heinous they'd better withdraw the film from circulation...2013-11-03 23:56:30
mark211Just got back from the cine ... I thought it was excellent. Some of the symbolic imagery was a bit weird - the fetal position Stone takes up once she finally gets some rest in So-yuz; the frog that kicks past her as she rises to the surface and then her 'evolution' from the water to the land. I mean I think I knew what they were getting at but still, seemed a bit odd.2013-11-10 12:46:09

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