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tgoyetteEnder's Game?2013-11-11 04:43:19
tgoyetteLatest Sci Fi movie out. I read the book years ago and had mixed feelings about it. The story was good but didn't care for the writing style. However, the movie worked well. It isn't one of the greatest works of Sci Fi cinema ever but is engaging and well worth the time. I'd rate it 8 out of 10.2013-11-11 04:46:00
micheledutcherThis is probably pretty lame, but I just saw Gravity (I've been SUPER busy). I thought the best part of the movie was seeing the inside workings of 4 different space environments. I didn't even get motion sickness, so that was a plus. I liked George Clooney's character - Bulloch's was too much the perils of Pauline. I'm glad I saw it - even if I was a little slow and the popcorn cost six freakin' dollars...Don't get me started... 2013-11-13 08:25:57
micheledutcherIt's also difficult for me to watch Harrison Ford as an old guy - I've been with him since he was Hans Solo, and through Indiana Jones - I'd almost rather remember him that way. He was great in Cowboys and Aliens - that was a fun show! Tom Hanks has held together pretty well. 2013-11-13 12:00:53

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