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tgoyetteMovie Party?2013-11-25 05:06:20
tgoyetteSome friends and I are planning to see The Hobbit together. We'll probably go out to eat before or after. I've heard of others planning a party around the next release. The question is, Who has movie parties and can you share any of the stories without incriminating yourselves?2013-11-25 05:09:26
IronspiderMy friends and I never really had movie parties - we'd go see a film and then, if it wasn't a late show, head off down the pub for a pint and post-film critique. We all had similar tastes, science fiction for the most part, so enjoyed either attacking or defending a particular film; or film series as the Star Wars trilogy hit the screens during this period. We also had the occasional video-night (no DVDs back then), which included one or more films plus nibbles and alcohol.2013-11-26 04:32:13
micheledutcherMy son and his friends are taking off the day before the release day, renting out all the previous films, and eating nothing but take-out pizza all day. Of course they'll be at the midnight + 5 showing of The Hobbit. I'd like to say these guys are all teenagers - but they're all well into their 30s (sigh). Believe it or not, some of them are even married. I'll see The Hobbit on Saturday, just after noon. Hooray! 2013-11-27 10:29:11

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