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tgoyetteToughest female character?2012-02-13 06:05:59
tgoyetteThese are not your damsel in distress characters. We are looking for strong, independent, resourceful individuals. Many like Sarah Connor. It was cool to watch her transition in the first movie. But I prefer Susan Ivanova. If you don't know her, start watching Babylon 5. 2012-02-13 06:15:45
Banshee46Hey, props *always* have to go to Ellen Ripley. When an alien bug queen stole a kid she barely knew, she proceeded to murder all of the alien bug queen's children, then put on a power suit and punched the alien bug queen in the face before blowing it out of an airlock. That's pretty badass.2012-02-13 08:59:49
sfbellCatelyn Stark, period.2012-02-13 19:24:44
IronspiderTorin Kerr, the central female character of Tanya Huff's Confederation novels. And as a strong anti-heroine, how about A A Catto, from Mick Farren's DNA Cowboy trilogy?2012-02-14 04:27:59
SargeI really can't add much more to what Banshee46 had to say. Ripley is one tough bitch with a strong maternal instinct. Remember as she plunged into the molten metal and the alien burst from her chest? She carefully cradled it to her bosom before she died. That's one tough mother right there.2012-02-15 05:07:57
GordonRowlinsonI always thought Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace was plenty tough on Battlestar Galactica.2012-02-16 17:57:00
AlanRiver Tam. Helped bring down the Alliance, destroyed the Reavers and dances a mean jig...2012-02-18 17:02:17
ZenRider"The Bride" from the Kill Bill movies. Now that's one tough woman2012-02-19 14:19:59
MadNigeAll of C J Cherry'h female main characters are tough and resourceful, favorites are Bet Yeager (Rimrunners) who I would love to have been able to see played by Annie Lennox in a film version, or Morgaine on the more fantasy side for someone quite capable of both raising armies and destroying them when they get in the way. 2012-06-08 09:34:25

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