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tgoyetteWhich is your favorite doctor?2013-12-09 09:22:10
tgoyetteFrom the older series I like Tom Baker, aka Teeth and curls. Of the new series it is David Tennant. Between the two I can't say which I like best but of the series I like the newer stuff better because of the production quality and the pacing. What does everyone else think? 2013-12-09 09:26:00
micheledutcherTom Baker period. Loved the crazy long scarf - my son has one just like it that his wife knitted for him...that's love. My sons went and saw the movie in the theater for the 50th anniversary. 2013-12-10 08:53:37
rwhegwoodTom Baker hands down. The definitive Doctor to me. I've liked others like David Tennant, but the only one I didn't like at all was the one who followed Tom Baker...the one who wore a leek on his lapel. Baker's eccentricities seemed very natural...the other guy was just pretending to be eccentric.2013-12-11 19:32:20
tgoyettePeter Davidson came after Tom Baker. I thought he was OK. The one I didn't care for was Colin Baker. Something about him was grating. The most interesting choice for Doctor, I think, was Sylvester McCoy. He did a good job.2013-12-12 04:43:49
mark211I discovered Doctor Who through Tom Baker so he is the 'real' doctor ... Tennant was good but I'm waiting for Capaldi to take on the role because I reckon he's going to be brilliant. I'm pretty sure they'll play him as sinister rather than goofy like the last two have been and it's about time too, IMO.2013-12-12 06:21:54
micheledutcherDid any of you see the Doctor Who movie that was shown in theaters over here on the anniversary? How much Doctor Who merchandise do you have?2013-12-12 11:52:06
mark211The latest thing I saw was on TV ... the one with actor John Hurt as the 'first' doctor and the destruction of Gallifrey if you mean that one. I don't have any merchandise, I'm not really into all that collectible stuff, much as I enjoy the programme itself.2013-12-14 07:48:31

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