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tgoyetteThe Desolation of Smaug2013-12-16 06:44:41
tgoyetteFirst of all it is a good movie for anyone and a great movie for a fan of Tolkien. It has the traditional problems of the middle of the story. That being said, there is plenty to like. The attitudes and actions of the Elves are interesting along with the conflict in Lake Town. For me, one of the best things is that we get to see a wizard being wizardly. The other great thing was the interaction with Smaug. The attitude and dialog of Smaug was great entertainment. Was I the only one to notice that the dragon has ADD? What did you think of the movie?2013-12-16 06:44:58
Stephanie LancasterI'm looking forward to seeing it the Hobbit movie this weekend. 2013-12-19 11:32:20
rwhegwoodOn the whole I liked it. There were parts however I did not...especially those that seemed destined to be recreated in the heart of the obligatory video game to follow. Most egregious in my book was the Elven martial mid river tap dance during the barrel escape and the chain rides under the mountain. I also was unimpressed by the addition of Tauriel or whatever her name might be. The Hobbit needed a romance like a fish needs a palantir. It's not that it's bad story telling...its just not a rational part of the story. I did like how they found ways to expand the Hobbit with materials from Tolkien's notes and appendices to strengthen the connection with the LotR. Still think their treatment of Radigast is on the disgusting side...too comic...one of the Maiar reduced to a "running" poop joke. Tsk.2013-12-19 20:37:49
micheledutcherI'm seeing it later this afternoon, but a friend at the bar - in relation to the tap dance is that Tolkien originally wrote the Hobbit for his children, so it's a bit more lighthearted than the Lord of the Rings. Is that right? 2013-12-23 09:43:30
rwhegwoodNo I meant the fight scene where the elves are bouncing off the heads of the dwarves in the barrels as they rush downstream. That was no where near the book. I don't even think they were being chased by orcs in the book when they escaped from the elves.2013-12-26 09:15:05
micheledutcherThat scene reminded me of Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter, kind of silly. I finally saw it over the weekend. I think it is being true to the spirit of the trilogy - probably because all the installments have had the same director with the same vision. (Star Trek, not so much.) I'm still on board with the series, looking forward to the next Hobbit movie. I thought the love interest was a good move - a few of the nerds in the audience might actually be on a date, and it's nice to see a female elf who can hold her own and still put her heart out there. Maybe it doesn't follow the books, but it's a good move to sell the movies themselves. 2013-12-26 11:21:27
SitrucTerrible movie - another reason I do not pay good money to watch a movie. Writers not following the book ruined the story throughout the entire Hobbit movie series. Follow the book as much as possible but do not ADD anything that was not written by the author.... I have read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings perhaps once a year for over 50 years and love the complexity of Tolkin's work... Hollywood destroys/distorts everything it touches and creates nothing new and wonderful.2015-12-09 11:10:30

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