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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.
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tgoyetteBest book you read in 2013?2014-01-06 07:09:05
tgoyetteNow that we are in 2014 we'll look back at 2013 for a while. What was your favorite read from last year. I spend most of my reading time on crtiquing and don't read for pleasure much. The best I read was "Out of Nowhere" by Patrick LcClerc. A very entertaining read about a paramedic with special abilities that is enticed into fighting rather than his natural inclination to flee. Although this is a serious novel there are many laugh out loud points due to the wit of the man character. What's yours?2014-01-06 07:13:08
micheledutcherI'm going to give a plug to one of us, because I really enjoyed reading his collection of short stories this year: Review: The Dreaming Fire By Jeromy Henry It has been said that intelligence is the ability to survive and thrive in any environment into which a person is thrust. The characters in Jeromy Henry’s book The Dreaming Fire are much like that: often propelled into unusual, life threatening situations where they have a choice: adapt or give up. Henry’s characters stand their ground, even though they’re often mere humans poised against overwhelming odds. 2014-01-07 06:02:40
IronspiderPossibly only for melancholy reasons, but I feel 'The Hydrogen Sonata' by the late Iain M Banks was probably my book of 2013. Though I don't believe it was intended as such, the book was a good closer for the Culture series and a good companion work both to 'Consider Phlebas' and 'Use of Weapons'.2014-01-08 04:58:33
Pippin91In the SF/Fantasy genre, the book I most enjoyed in 2013 has to be MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood. It completes a trilogy that began with Oryx and Crake. The world she created with pigoons and wolvogs and other imaginative creatures is eerie yet believable, and the human characters are fantastic. While I'll always like the 2nd book of the series, Year of the Flood, the best, MaddAddam was great too. Atwood's great talent has always been to describe a world she creates by involving us in the life of someone victimized by that world. That's the theme of MaddAddam (or at least one of the themes) and, as usual, she pulls it off with consummate skill.2014-01-10 05:32:19
mark211I've had rather a bumper year of good SF&F fictions, so it's hard to choose but a revelation - one for me but no one else on the site I'm sure - was Frank Herbert's 'Dune'. It came as no surprise at all to discover that (apparently) it is the best-selling work of SF ever. It really does deserve the label 'masterpiece'.2014-01-10 12:57:16
GordonRowlinsonWinter of the World by Ken Follet. I apoligize for reading something non-SciFi.2014-01-12 08:29:29

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