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tgoyetteWorst Stereotype in Scifi/Fantasy/horror?2014-01-20 14:12:57
tgoyetteI was on a panel at Arisia discussing stereotypes Which ones do you like the least. There is the big strong alpha-male who can defeat anyone in battle. There is the damsel in distress who doesn't even try to save herself. There is the teen computer nerd who can take over any system, no matter how secure, in less than an minute with a cellphone. Then there is the socially inept computer geek who falls apart when a female talks to him. I've come to be more irritated by age discrimination Why shouldn't there be a geriatric coming-of-age story? 2014-01-20 14:13:15
IronspiderI'll admit I don't get as bothered by stereotypes as I used to. A lot now hinges on the story - if the characters suit the narrative I'll be more accepting and possibly forgive the clichés. I guess I've been reading science fiction and fantasy for so long that almost every character I come across can be recognised as a stereotype of one form or another, be that Conan, Ripley, Nemo or Flandry. A more unforgivable sin, in my opinion, is bad background detailing; the shoe-horning in of extraneous history or expertise, to provide a character with the necessary ability just when it's required. Lazy!2014-01-22 04:50:11
rwhegwoodThe hateful embittered luddite religious fanatic (of any stripe) who is meant as the stand in for religion and religious persons in general (of any stripe). 2014-01-22 21:53:26
rwhegwoodPersonally though I think the damsel in distress is more memory than living trope...needs some thoughtful comeback (there are delicate princesses who know all about dinner parties and social standing but precious little about hot wiring cars and gun play. The trope now is the woman who needs little if any help being rescued by a man, and as often or not is the one who must do most of the rescuing (a clever reversal of roles and a blow against the evil patriarchy...empire, whatever). There's never ever a helpless woman any more...if the guy cuts her bonds, she's the one that uses a kindle app to reprogram's the bad guy's computer to open up an escape route...or cause a massive system wide short circuit...and/or detonate a tactical nuclear device conveniently on or about the premises. 2014-01-22 22:00:26
micheledutcherI least enjoy the 'stand back, I'm here at last' captain of the ship kind of thing. HOWEVER - If the guise is being played as comedy, I'm into that. For instance, Brenda (a story that's been submitted to this webzine) - and I like the overblown captain character, he's fun. I hate it when an author writes male characters and then simply changes the names like Ken becomes Kim, because they believe that men and women think exactly the same, or because they are too lazy to write in any real women characters. 2014-01-23 08:32:30
mark211It's a good question – especially for genre fiction like Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror which are mainly recognizable through more or less recognizable characters and situations. I'm inclined to agree with Iron Spider that stereotypes only become really noticeable when the story is badly written. That said, comedy/cutesy dwarves and gnomes with squeaky voices can get on my nerves a little bit (as I've mentioned before)2014-01-23 13:58:29
r.tornelloI have one it was called HOLOGRAMMY RT2014-01-24 11:33:09
r.tornelloI have one it was called HOLOGRAMMY RT2014-01-24 11:33:26
tgoyetteHow about the bumbling sidekick who the heroes keep with them even though the bumbler always makes things worse. Think Jar Jar Binks.2014-01-24 15:16:36
Nimythaww poor Jar Jar... I liked him he was cute ;)2014-01-24 19:34:35
mark211Please excuse this message for going off-topic, but if no one has seen this yet I think it is absolutely inspired - one of the funniest things I think I've seen in ages: Chief O'Brien at Work' http://citycyclops.com/7.31.13.php 2014-01-25 07:25:43
tgoyetteOk, so, on Monday the discussion will be web comics. Check in then to see my favorite.2014-01-25 08:50:20
mark211I look forward to that! 2014-01-25 10:27:23

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