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tgoyetteFavorite Web Comic?2014-01-27 15:44:24
tgoyetteHere is our chance to share our favorite comic on the web. Mine is Order of the Stick. It follow D & D characters and makes fun of the characters along the way. Some times it is laugh out loud funny. What is your favorite? 2014-01-27 15:44:44
IronspiderNot sure if 'Penny Arcade' counts as a web comic, though I do find it amusing. I did enjoy the stories on 'Parliament & Wake', though these were written stories illustrated by photographs. The site has now closed, which is a real pity.2014-01-29 04:34:39
ThornyJohnI read about 150 webcomics regularly (though a few are less-than-regular in their updates). My top 5 are: Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques Shlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler Girl Genius By Phil and Kaja Foglio Bad Machinery By John Allison Multiplex by Gordon McAlpin I'd heartily recommend any of the above to a webcomics reader,and these all have very deep archives for days of reading fun.2014-01-30 10:32:30
mark211The suggestions above are great - I had no idea there were so many webcomics devoted to RPGS - it's almost as if there are more comics about it than players at times(!). I adore comics but with the notable exceptions of 'Akira' and 'Lone Wolf and Cub', most Manga leave me cold because I'm not that into the visual style of them - that said, I think this one is great - the dialogue between the little girl/monkey thief and her undead warden is great - It's called 'Unsounded' http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic+index2014-02-06 08:06:44

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