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tgoyetteSummer Movies?2014-04-28 18:00:17
tgoyetteThere are quite a few scifi/fantasy movies coming out this summer. Which one's are you most looking forward to? I was checking out previews and like The Guardians of the Galaxy. It just looks so campy, it's got to be great.2014-04-28 18:00:37
R.TornelloW/re to movies and digital love affairs: IF ONE WHY NOT ANOTHER By RdotTornello & The Village idiot Press When the lights are down when the lights are out, when youíre in that place where you scream and shout, where no one hears you; no one cares, itís in your mind, itís in your mind. Face-to-face, eye-to-eye flesh-to-flesh the beauty lies beneath beside, on top below; itís all a disguise. The deeper part of yours and hers: the thoughts the cares the moans the sighs the midnight chuckle the silent cry, itís in your mind, itís in your mind. In the beginning some spark between you, both it jumps, and in its grasp controlling hold magnetic appeal, itís in your mind, itís in your mind. And if itís true all above we can touch and we can love, give some time to consider, pause: Mind to mind what does that mean, whatís itís cause? In the fullest concept, the worlds between you and me and me and you if only for a universeís second or two. Itís in your mind. What am here to say That love is at basic, an electrical play, a dance of electrons spinning round, electron flow, how hot it glows. Is that realitiesí bottom line? And if so consider that it matters little flesh or bot, itís in your mind. 2014-04-30 12:52:51
BottomdwellerI wish I could say I was looking forward to Transcendence - but it looks like Frankenstein all over again. I Origins has me curious about what could be told from the origins of the human eye. I'll probably see Maleficent - I like dark retellings of fairy tales. The Rover is probably like Mad Max - but it's time the storyline is picked up - could be cool. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - my only question, WHY? Godzilla - nope, although I used to watch the Godzilla theater on TV every Sunday afternoon *sigh*. 2014-04-30 13:09:28
micheledutcherI finally heard a movie critic say it out loud "I am Marvel Comiced to death." Yeah, it's great if you're a twenty-something, but I'm over Spiderman 15. They can have my grandson's money, but I'm through watching comic book sci-fi. 2014-05-04 10:48:23
rdottornellomaybe the movie producers should look into some of the older but relevant stories by Robert Sheckley. An example would be THE STORE OF THE WORLD. rt2014-05-04 14:37:17
Qbabespell discussion correctly please on the Home page2014-05-05 11:22:52
jessbaumIf I'm going to give away some hours of my life I want it to be for a movie that isn't just a movie by a real film. I'm kind of weary about "Maleficent", it interests me and I love a good retelling especially if it is from the eyes of the villain, but I don't know. It's Disney and that could mean disaster. 2014-05-07 10:16:41
GordonRowlinsonThere appears to be a secret rule. Every 15 years someone has to make a Godzilla movie. (There is also a secret rule, every 10 years or so someone has to make a Kig Arthur movie.) And of course, the biggest rule of all-most of the summer movies have to be idiot superhero movies. 2014-05-11 08:00:28

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