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tgoyetteMost Consistent Author?2012-02-20 03:24:18

Every one has there good and bad days. Some authors have the occasional bad book, but some are more consistent than others. I like Alan Dean Foster and have been pleased to have some correspondence with him. He is a kind and generous man. Sentenced to Prism, written by Foster, is one of my favorite books of all time. However The Dig didnít catch me at all. I would say that Foster is inconsistent: sometimes brilliant and others mediocre.

Mercedes Lackey, on the other hand, hasnít really written a truly amazing book but, from my experience, hasnít written a poor one. I used to travel a couple of times a month for work and would often pick up one of here works because I learned that I would be satisfied with her books, where as the same couldnít be said for all authors.

So here is the question. Who is the most consistent author out there?

2012-02-20 03:24:36
IronspiderI suspect you've posed an unanswerable question. I've yet to read any author who doesn't have an off-day and turn in a little duff prose If you're lucky, as a reader, it'll only be a short section in a longer work. On a really bad day a whole book can be a failure. Given such caveats I'd volunteer Brian Stableford, from the Dies Irae trilogy, through the Hooded Swan stories and beyond. From my experience of his work his character and world building is consistent, his descriptive work clear and imaginative. And from personal experience his lowest ebb would seem to have been the three David Lydyard novels.2012-02-21 05:08:19

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