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tgoyetteWho is Big Brother?2014-05-19 05:54:16
tgoyetteIn George Orwell's novel the government was big brother. With the revelations about the NSA it could be said that we are moving in that direction. I would like to suggest that google is Big Brother now. Against the law they copied every book in the world and said it was for the common good. They track everything about us and gobble up smaller companies to expand their data collection about us. There motto is not to be evil, but if you can justify evil by saying it is for the common good, then it is technically not evil. Google concerns me more than the government. We have some constitutional protections against government overreach. What protects us from Google? 2014-05-19 06:00:22
Pippin91Good, discussion topic, Tim. In 1984, Big Brother's purpose was control - to stamp out dissent before it even started. Google and the several other data mining companies keep this vast storehouse of information primarily for marketing purposes, so I myself wouldn't call them big brother. BUT: Those vast clouds of info could get taken over by some future government, perhaps after a bogus, Reichtags-fire kind of event triggering a 'national emergency'. Then they could be used for control purposes as in 1984. BUT: this begs the question of just what is the US government today. Elected representatives and senators are mostly paid functionaries of powerful, ultra-wealthy individuals and special interest groups. It is those individuals and groups that I most fear because they are accountable to no one. The government is nothing more than one of the tools they employ to hold on to power from behind the scenes.2014-05-19 09:20:05
RTThere are laws in some states that make it illegal to defame a company. Add to that the Supreme Court decisions on the "human aspect of corporations" and the threat to that entity becomes real and in theory, prosecutable. Information is power and those who control it and its use are the real rulers. Look and see who owns most of the media. Look into the interlocking constituents within those BOD for starters. Then look who they appoint as the people to run as representatives, and they with their money they do appoint one way or another. Another issue to ponder is the willingness of the current population to give up what in the past was considered private matters. The nature of privacy has changed. it's as if facebook, twitter and all the social media has become the digital opium of the masses. rt 2014-05-19 18:06:00
IronspiderIn the UK our concept of Big Brother seems to be of a government with way too much influence over the minutiae of our lives. I suspect this may be true, but I personally feel it's Big Business that directs much of such activity, whether directly - collecting information it doesn't really need - or indirectly, by applying pressure on government through lobbying (or just by knowing the right person to ask). DoubleThink has existed in the UK for decades, not just by politicians (look at political promises and the realities imposed) but also by a deluded population. Memory holes are appearing (or being utilised) whenever anyone in authority is asked a question (Brookes over phone-tapping; any politician when a difficult policy question is posed). And Room 101 must be doing brisk business. It's now 1984 + 30; Big Brother is alive and well. Welcome to Airstrip One...2014-05-20 00:05:08
rtre double speak here in the USA (and the united part is open to serious debate), If a new law is titled The Clean Air Act, you know the opposite is true as is The Patriot Act and many others too numerous to mention.2014-05-20 12:58:01
micheledutcherYou all know who I think Big Brother is, because I set it out in my editorial about Privacy a couple of months back. Big Brother is Deep State. I quote myself: "In Mike Lofgren’s essay, the Anatomy of the Deep State, talked about by Moyers & Company on PBS, we may be peeking into the birth of Big Brother proper. Deep State is an alignment of the NSA, Silicon Valley, and the government on The Mall." 2014-05-23 13:28:31
mark211"I would like to suggest that Google is Big Brother now." … Hmm, an interesting question – but while it's true that both of them have both access to and continually monitor vast amounts of information on each and everyone of us I also think there is a clear and significant difference between Oceania's 'Big Brother' and Google. First up, Big Brother's methods of monitoring were visible and direct. The citizens of Oceania knew to always keep quiet because if the two-way TV screens didn't see or hear them in the act then their neighbors most certainly would if they knew (as under the North Korean regime to the present day). Google's methods on the other hand are so ubiquitous as to be almost invisible. For example, if you have gmail on your phone then they can monitor your phones activity to learn something about your daily routine and your likely profession (e.g. if your phone is silent between 2am and 11am then you might be a liberal arts student!); From the location of the phone they can work out what your likely permanent home address is and also if you tend to spend significant amounts of time at a partner's apartment. This gives them all kinds of demographic information about you. But second, and to me more importantly, is that whereas Big Brother was always watching you to make sure you lived your life as the Party demanded that you did. Google is always watching to find out what sort of life you choose to live for yourself. It watches and listens but unlike Big Brother it doesn't really speak. In that sense, it's more like being infested with a parasite than having your face stamped on for all eternity. 2014-05-24 07:35:06
GordonRowlinsonWho is Big Brother is a good question. It seems to me that the line between government and the corporate world are becoming increasingly blurred. Now corporations can donate unlimited amounts of cash to the election campaigns of our "leaders" and buy influence. Both the government and the corporate world now spy on us and government responds to the corporate world more than they do us. 2014-05-27 05:59:28
r.tornelloI will reiterate, most governments, most political states are set up by and for those that matter......... THE FOUNDERS. Who and what were the founders of Rome, Athens,Ancient China, The PRC, England, Russia Soviet/TSARIST/and Today, and the USA? answer, Rich guys. So who do you think they, those founders cared about and catered too and gave the franchise to? And today, who really counts? Except for the facade on our election day,where the masses are catered too so as to allow further taxation, it's still the very rich ruling elite. Look at what it takes to run no less win an election. Who pays for that? And so you want to know WHO is BB. In any manifestation, technologically advanced or otherwise, it's the ruling elite.Badda boom. Get over it. 2014-05-27 08:47:11
mark211"Badda boom. Get over it." Heh. How I love American English, in all its various forms, registers, accents etc. (really, I'm not kidding in case anyone thinks that's sarcasm).2014-05-27 09:59:53

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