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tgoyetteWhich movies are only good once?2014-06-16 19:24:11
tgoyetteThere are loads of good movies out there that we will get on DVD, or other media, and watch somewhat often. Other movies are good but we are satisfied. I saw "Edge of Tomorrow" and thought it was good and quite entertaining but I'm not sure I'd want to own it. Also, movies like "Eagle Eye" was great partially because we don't know what is going on. Once we've seen it the mind-blowing edge is gone. What movies have you felt this way about?2014-06-16 19:27:28
jessbaumPretty much every modern horror film is like that for me, most are just about shock value so once that's gone they loose my interest. 2014-06-17 06:28:07
jessbaumlose not loose haha2014-06-17 06:28:29
r.tornellomost movies are that way, if i can even sit through it all. So many seem to be follow-ons to the original. It's hardy Boys or Harry Snotter over and over and over and over, BANG! Sorry about that. We just eliminated this crack pot and will resume the commentary in just a while. Stay tunes to this ZINE. 2014-06-18 05:36:44
IronspiderI own a fair few DVDs and my reasons for re-watching a film depend almost entirely on mood. Yes, there are some, such as Blade Runner, that I can revisit on a regular basis because I just don't get tired of stepping into the world created. Others, for example Equilibrium or Phase IV, are definite sombre mood films. Then there are the likes of Escape from New York or Lockdown or Doomsday, where I disengage all higher mental functions and relax. I agree that most modern horror films are a one-shot, relying on shock and gore rather than atmosphere (or plot).2014-06-20 02:21:06
micheledutcherThe movie I enjoyed seeing once, but wouldn't sit through again, was Gravity. It was a great view - as Clooney says - but there never was a connection made with the characters. As they said at the Oscars, 'Gravity is a film that proves George Clooney would rather float away in space and die than spend another moment with a woman his own age." I think that's the difference between a lot of scifi films - the whole cowboy loves the woman and rides away mentality. It's why I could watch Dr. Zhivago a dozen times, but Gravity only once. 2014-06-20 05:55:52
mark211"The Hunger Games", I've just discovered. I've not read any of the novels nor, for that matter, knew much, if anything, about it all - but it was premiered on the TV in the UK last night and while I would certainly never bother to watch it again, I found it quite diverting. It even left me wanting to know what happens next ...2014-06-22 07:54:28

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