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tgoyetteBest CGI movie?2012-02-27 19:10:06
tgoyetteWhat is your vote for the best CGI movie? Avatar is out because it is mostly live action and motion capture. I submit “How to Train Your Dragon.” It has just the right mix of everything. I don’t mean to put down Pixar, who are great. But HTTYD is my favorite2012-02-27 19:10:14
sfbellI agree that HTTYD is a top notch movie. Hard question, there are a lot of good movies out there. Here are some of mine: Arthur Christmas was stunning visually and had a pretty good story. Puss N Boots: Very good fur animation, fun characters. A bit worn around the edges from all of the Shrek movies, but still a great movie on its own. Wall-E. This one blew my mind purely on visuals alone. The Incredibles. A great story line and visuals for its time. 2012-02-28 10:25:30
micheledutcherI'll vote for Puss N Boots: "I only use it for my glacoma." Very funny. I think it won an Oscar this year too - at least it was nominated. Having said that, Coraline was amazing - the night sequences especially. I took my granddaughter to see Wall-E 7 times in the theater. She loved Wall-E and got mad when I said, "If Wall-E was alive now, would you date him - even if he's a robot?" She was 5 and actually believed that Wall-E had his own room in the movie theater. 2012-03-19 13:23:59

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