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tgoyetteFunniest unfunny Author?2014-07-07 19:44:30
tgoyetteThere are those authors who are famous for their humor like, Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. But who are other authors who are lesser known or mix humor in with their serious works. I've loved Alan Dean Foster's mix of humor in his works. Who do you like?2014-07-07 19:47:32
jessbaumThere's nothing unfunny about Douglas Adams! teehee I was going to say Stephanie Meyer because everything she writes is a joke but that may be a bit harsh. haha2014-07-08 06:06:17
R.TornelloIn truth when I read catch 22, it's not really funny. It's a very good snapshot of human nature, and our society at large, studied from both the macro and microscopic level. The 1st time i read it i was in 10th grade and fell off my bed laughing so hard. Since then I have read it about 10 more times. It's not funny. It's sad, but you have to laugh as you look into the mirror of stupidity RT2014-07-10 06:01:30

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