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tgoyetteWorld building?2014-07-28 17:45:28
tgoyetteWhich authors do a great job at world building. That is where we can really feel the place as if we are there. I'd vote for Frank Herbert, specifically Dune. It seemed to be just the right amount of detail. The Wheel of Time series went into too much detail, in my opinion. What do you think?2014-07-28 17:47:31
jessbaumI am so glad for this discussion! World building has been my handicap in the past but my own abilities are taking off now and I have to say it is highly influenced by Edgar Rice Burroughs. After watching John Carter (and actually liking it yes!) I decided to start reading the Barsoom series. Holy crap it is so freaking good. (Way different than the movie but some things had to be changed to translate onto film) His attention to detail and the way that his Mars/Barsoom is laid out has stolen my heart!2014-07-29 07:11:55
jbaumgartner13Justin Cronin's The Passage. It's full of comments and observations that show a fully realized world. Also Scott Lynch's The Gentlemen Bastard series so far does a great job of building the world as it goes in the background, slowly bringing elements up as needed.2014-07-29 08:35:17
micheledutcherI think her descriptions are sometimes too detailed, but Anne Rice (I know she's horror) really conveys the feel of New Orleans and France in the 1900s. I read a couple of books from the Wheel of Time as well, and I felt the author was just trying to fill up the pages. BTW - if you need a universe to write in, the Orion's Arm group has descriptions of planets and lifeforms just waiting for authors to come and play. 2014-07-31 06:44:57
micheledutcherSorry to do this, but I don't see anywhere on the site to discuss the artwork for this month - but I LOVE IT! Thanks R. Tornello for putting these most excellent movie posters up! Big fan of Bladerunner by the way - I often quote/think about the oratory at the end - Tears in the Rain. Thanks again! 2014-08-02 07:33:22
jessbaumI second that Michele! 2014-08-03 05:17:15
R.TornelloThanks. I was introduced to Andrea Alvin through a gallery I get some of my animation collection from. I have what is supposed to be a BLADERUNNER John Alvin submitted to the studio that was rejected because the gun was pointing down at the audience . They thought it was threatening so the poster you see is the rearranged one. I have a few other of his pieces, mostly drawings. Leslie at ARTINSIGHTS the representative of John Alvin's, art was instrumental in arranging all this. I might be able to get other artists too for other themes. I'm working on it. In the mean time I expect to bring a varied portfolio/display to the zine from both classical styles to new stuff. Some of the artists will be serious commercial living by their wits and others artists I like but may not reach the higher standard that we are used to seeing here. I had a classical art background studying at the Art Students League in NYC over 40 years ago and dropping out of that scene in order to stay out of jail and make support payments. I just started taking art classes and have begun to illustrate my own poems writting mainly for children. The idea is to make a book that is if not free almost so it is accessable to the more disadvantaged sections of our society.see www.villgeidiotpress.blogspot.com Again thanks and I hope I can live up to what you all like. Suggestions will not be ignored. control-alt-delete2014-08-03 05:38:00
R.Tornellocorrection oops www.villageidiotpress.blogspot.com RT2014-08-03 05:40:30
SitrucThe world of Harry Potter, the author had loads of background written up in reference books that never saw print in any of the books.2015-12-13 18:58:43

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