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tgoyetteHero and Nemesis?2014-08-04 15:34:10
tgoyetteSherlock and Moriarty, Kirk and Kahn, Potter and Voldemort. Sometimes it’s the nemesis that make a hero and a story. What is your favorite hero/nemesis relationship? Of the ones above for me is ti Kirk and Kahn. Something about how they were in each other's face and the play between them. 2014-08-04 15:35:56
cuchulainnFor me, the best hero/nemesis relationship is that of the Doctor and the Master in the BBC television series “Doctor Who”. It was devised to mirror the Holmes/Moriarty rivalry because the producers saw the friendship of the Doctor and the Brigadier as Watsonesque. But the conflict evolved into a deeper existential struggle, with two equally matched Time Lords who cross wits, morals, and strategies like grand-masters at chess. Perhaps the best episode to see this may be “The Five Doctors” with Peter Davison and Anthony Ainley in the roles. They, especially the Master, demonstrated a wrathful respect and a calamitous distrust.2014-08-04 17:23:07
jessbaumSheldon Cooper and Will Wheaton :)2014-08-05 14:05:07
r.tornelloCoyote and road runner. I happen to thing the coyote is way smarter than the roadrunner. Think about it. Coyote figures out his plans based upon physics and geometry and all that. The road runner is simply fast, not much on top, just fast.I love the coyote. No one seems to understand that. Like bugs and elmer.2014-08-05 17:56:21
esullivan240Frodo and the Ring2014-08-06 10:44:10
JHWatsonInstead of Sherlock and Moriarty, how about the Holmes brothers themselves: Sherlock and Mycroft?2014-08-06 11:02:14
GordonRowlinsonLuke Skywalker and Darth Vader. 2014-08-06 20:21:06
Sidewinder4 Paul Atreides and House Harkonnen from Frank Hebert's DUNE. The literary need of one for the other is mostly obscured by their hate and interaction not only with each other but with the DUNE Universe as well. If one of this pair suddenly disappeared the other would still have plenty to do. 2014-08-06 21:54:14
jessbaumOooo Sherlock and Mycroft, I like that! 2014-08-07 06:57:06
micheledutcherThe ultimate nemesis - hero combo for me was Piccard and Shinzon: a man against himself. Piccard knows Shinzon is just as determined as he was/is - perhaps even more so because Shinzon's life is on the line. Shinzon has the same IQ, the same physical strength that Piccard had when he was young. The face to face scenes are electric. How do you stop yourself - and do you have any obligations to a person who is basically your child, a part of you? Tom Hardy did such a spectacular job in this role. 2014-08-07 11:07:23
micheledutcherFor laughs I like Sheldon and Will Wheaton - SOOOO funny! You're right about that, jessbaum! 2014-08-07 11:08:03
GeorgeSmileyMad Magazine's Spy Vs Spy duo2014-08-07 13:14:45
mark211"Sheldon Cooper and Will Wheaton" Heh. ; - )2014-08-10 15:10:41
mark211Cugel the Clever and Iuconnu the Laughing Magician from the pen of Jack Vance (one of my all time heroes of SFF writing); Arjuna and Karna from the Mahābhārata; Othello and Iago; Hamlet and Claudius; Achilles and Hector ... there is definitely an epic quality to any story in which two figures repeatedly find each other thrown together and forced to face each other down over the same resources. 2014-08-10 15:17:38
mark211Stannis Baratheon and just about anybody else who ever lived on Westeros!2014-08-10 15:19:12
jessbaumAchilles and Hector? Yes!2014-08-11 06:49:45
SitrucProfessor Snape in Harry Potter series... Both a hero and a nemesis.2015-12-09 11:04:37
Sidewinder 4Dorothy and The Wicked Witch of the West. D's strength is Love. W-3's strength is self. Both useful concepts. Does Luck favor those who love? Will it in your next tale? D's water toss is an act of love directed at The Scarecrow. W-3's demise is an UNINTENDED by-product. In the context of the story Providence or Luck killed W-3. Karma? Write On! S42015-12-11 08:17:03

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